The Amazing World  Of  Global  Wellness

Tradition ~ healing ~ Longevity of beauty


Wellness Body Treatments that are based on Global Mind, Body & Spirit Beliefs from Healing Medical Practices to Strengthening the Body’s Core. Amrit Organic encompasses the Art of “The Cycle of Wellness” in all of its Global offerings, which goes above & beyond the traditional.

Wellness is the main ingredient for the quest of a healthy life style: strong, disease free, balanced & radiating beauty. Today women & men alike along with Spa Professionals, demand treatments that will maintain & help acquire wellness. The path is a cyclical journey concentrating on pain relief, detoxification, balance & beauty.

Amrit Organic offers the return to each of these actions over & over again, so you can provide every guest the opportunity a return to supplementing one full long healthy life.

Amrit Organic offers: Body Massage, Wraps & Exfoliation in Collections that stimulate, invigorate & bring balance to the largest organ of the body. These Rituals directly influence every internal organs including the circulatory & central nervous systems. Our passion in formulation is for you to Increasing the health & wellness in every body treatment with added therapy of organic oils in blends & combinations of essential oils & natural herbs with active properties for each cycle that empowers wonderful modalities & therapy.

Amrit Organic “Cycle of Wellness” Collections always gives you the directive of all four therapies of the wellness cycle in rich organic ingredient formulas for Detoxification, Pain Relief, Balance & Beauty to complete the Full Cycle of Health.


Apothecary Wellness

Plant Power in the hands of the Professional truly impact the journey of healing Organic Oils & Extracts. Aromatherapy Bar, Oil Treatment Dispensing, Mixology Creation & Synergy Ownership in Collections for all types of wellness clinics & spas starts here.

The Wellness Bar with a your Spa’s Dispensing Vessel is the most client energizing experience from ritual creation to home care shopping.

Incorporating Apothecary Plant Textures & Tools are Amrit Organic’s specialty including: Mud, Salt & Grain Exfoliants, Herbal Pumice, & Aromatherapy add-ons; all to match your wellness market & brand.

Amrit Organic Plant oils & Aroma extractions are for the Facial Experience as well as the Body Ritual.

Mixology Creation

The exact perfect wellness blend is the practical Journey for the Professional & Client to Discovery including; the art of Listening & the Action of Practice in the Spa & at Home.

The Creation Collection of Amrit Organic Synergies are yours to offer with simplicity of aiding physical needs from Sleep Therapy to Energizing the Core in developing New Trend Rituals.

Offering Retail in 10ml. & 4oz. Home Care is the perfect ritual home practice the client can learn & use from the professional to enrich their lifestyle. 



Earthly Practices

It starts with the desire of the knowledge & offering a path to healthy longevity.  Amrit Organic was born to offer Ayurveda Treatments with the addition of Indonesian. Our Collections have grown with the additions of North American Indian Rituals reaching to Coastal North American Areas & Rich European Spa Traditions embraced by all.

More Collections of Earthly Practices for Wellness

Shirodara, Jivaka, Garshan, Golden Lulur & Indonesian Head Rituals are the beginning of Organic Ayurveda Amrit Offerings

    The America’s Collection of Synergies, Extracts & Herbs of Tarragon & Penny Royal to Sage to aid-healing deep stress & chronic pain.

Western European Modern Aromatherapy Collection of Scrubs, Aromatic Essences & Balms to deeply relax & improve physical endurance.