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Tradition ~ Healing ~ Wellness ~ Longevity of beauty

Spa Clients are looking  to enhance their well being . We know that every Spa from Urban to Suburban can offer the same relaxation and therapy by introducing the Client to aromatherapy and plant nutrients to relieve stress, pain controlling detoxification, target area maintenance, and the power of plant support of longevity and beauty. Amrit Organic offers it all!

 The Art of “The Cycle of Wellness” our theory of Wellness in treatment and and all over health goes above & beyond the traditional. 

Cycle of Life

Learn about the full circle of stress release treatment program.

branding Services and Offerings

Apothecary Wellness

Professional Global Products for 

  Body Wellness  

Custom and Bar Branding

 Premium Branding  Signature Aroma and  Spa Aroma Bar Design  

Apothecary Wellness

Amrit Organic Offers 

Organic Oils & Extracts.

Aromatherapy Bar

Oil Treatment Dispensing

Mixology Creation 

Synergy Ownership in Collections

Complete Wellness Bar products for Dispensing Vessel to create rituals and retail

 Apothecary Plant Textures & Tools including: Mud, Salt & Grain Exfoliants, Herbal Pumice,  to match your wellness market & brand.

Amrit Organic Plant oils & Aroma extractions are for Facials and Body Ritual.

Mixology Creation

Amrit Organic excels in teaching and creating the perfect treatments for the Client’s Spa Mixology journey

New Trend Rituals.

Offering Custom Blend Retail Care is the perfect  home care program the client can use to enrich their lifestyle from your spa’

Earthly Practices

The path to healthy longevity. 

Amrit Organic was born to offer Ayurveda Treatments with the addition of Indonesian. 

Collections include North American Indian Rituals, Coastal North American and European Spa Traditions

More Earthly Practices

Shirodara, Jivaka, Garshan, Golden Lulur and Indonesian Head Rituals of Organic Ayurveda

    The America’s a Collection of Synergies oils, Extracts and Herbs of Tarragon & Penny Royal to Sage to heal deep stress & chronic pain.

Western European Modern Aromatherapy Collection of Scrubs, Aromatic Essences & Balms to deeply relax & improve physical endurance.


Premium Signature Aroma Body Products

Amrit Organic Premium Designer Oils are created for the finest Spas of all sizes from The Waldorf Spas and the Fitness Formula Spas in Chicago to the Single Owner Entrepreneur Wellness Spa in Washington. 

Your Vision

Steps above favorite and personal blending our designer oil capture the wellness message and purpose of therapy you desire. The history of our designer oils advance your spa’s reputation for endless years. We capture the Trendium in every formula establishing superior mission and quality in service and products for your

Our Global Trend-ium Offerings

Amrit Organic’s Designer Oil Program is a Sensory Journey for you and your staff. Your location is perfect and our Communications are attentive. We design our costs to meet all budgets often being more cost effect then general spa practices.

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