Prepping for the Safe & friendly Day Spa or Salon Opening

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New Beauty Safety Zone

Spa has always been a place to chill out and feel safe but Covid-19 has changed everything from emotional to physical .
We don’t know who has been exposed, a loved one sick or even past, loss of job or furlough, lost their business, or in deep depression but we do know that  our lives now encompass dramatic change.
Its not going to be easy but nothing great is and we can do this!

Spa Industry latest  

we know what sanitizing is…

Lets plan for 2 Phases:
First the Immediate Over Protective and Second the Intermediate Growth to a Safe and Practical Spa Life Style. This will all take its own time and each city and community will be different.
it’s unknown, if there will be a surge of the virus after the release from home dates comes. But plan on going to the extreme in cleanliness and sanitation with protection and stick to your protocols and watch for signs and share to your spa community.


The New Life style will develop . But as this evolves , best to keep our eyes open to red flags and keep thing very safe by correcting and developing new systems. Best practice is to share with other professionals, keep up with industry leaders and teach clients. It will be a journey for us all.

Safe Guides

Find the article “Creating Safer Spa Environment” posted here on March 6th 2020 blog article.
We started thinking about a safer spa in the beginning. There will be things to add and as time goes we can all discuss new and improved methods.
Review these suggestions and see what changes are imperative to safe and healthy spa living for all.

Spa Sanitation new Guide lines in Sanitation are important

Remember the basics never change and there is a plethora of information about what to quickly change for sanitation and identity out side of the basics in these articles.

CDC Work  Guides


Please read through the and you’ll understand the level categories of businesses.
Since Day and Medical Spas are medic-cosmetic, look at high to very high environment protection based according to what you serve in treatments.
Micro needling does open fluids. Including all product and mechanical exfoliation, and waxing.

 CDC Work Guides

New Tips Since March

Protect your spa, yourself and the client
  • Professional Fashion silently markets our mission and quality of safety and business services.
  • Longer sleeve, Higher necklines and longer lengths
The answer is simple. Shield your skin from cell transferring exposure and drape you client with arms under at all times and when clients are too warm exposing the feet will cool the body down. Gloves and masks of course.
You are going to need To address your phone etiquette and delivery with new spa protocols for the client. Don’t let anything be a surprise to your Clientele.
Change is good and an opportunity to
update your work image and reputation.



Newly Reviewed

Safety and Safe Offerings

Here is a List of Important practices to reinvent and for all the right purposes:

  • Simplifying our environment for space, out with display tables

  • Less Siting and Space between them

  • Off set and lengthen service time for less congestion

  • Disposable Amenities and no self-serve

  • Sampling: purchase or create and dispense: No more “Try on UR Own” products in retail or disposable sampling spoons in your Pro jars.

  • Disposable: Gowns, Gloves, Hair nets (back to older practices), Masks, Slippers and Paper bed covering sheets and more. Think about the Service first. Client Prep before service: Washing Hands and using sanitizing gel, Placing personal items in a Plastic basket, a hanging door bag or locker. Think this one over carefully.

  • Daily and after every client Sanitizing: It’s going to be a big job but we can discreetly clean  and never miss a spot which means a bit more time and the correct products.

  • The Greeting Desk: is there a Central Check in and Check out and sitting area and all the things it needs example Masks Thermometers and Gloves

  • New Phone Dialogue About the “Spa Entrance Health Form” Email us for an example


Safety is Caring and Caring is Showing your Finest!

There are protocols to change from no more Self Dispensing to finding a way to present it beautifully and a safe way to simplify it all, right from the beginning. But look to the many resources for spa and do it safely.

Great Resources

Go to your Industries best

We already know how to find the CDC but Just in case we will list them with a link

List of Resources:

Local State & County Gov.

Local State Industry Associations

National Industry Associations:

Day Spa Industry

Global Wellness Summit

Skin Inc. Spa Business

Experience Spa Association