The Art of “The Cycle of Wellness”

Wellness is the main ingredient for the quest of a healthy life style, strong, disease free, balanced and radiating beauty. Maintaining and acquiring wellness is a cyclical journey concentrating on pain relief, detoxification, balance and beauty. We return to each of these actions over and over again in one full long healthy life.

Body Massage, Warps and Exfoliation; stimulates, invigorates and brings balance to the largest organ of the body, directly influencing every internal organ including the circulatory and central nervous systems.  Increasing the health and wellness body treatment is in the added therapy of organic oils in blends and combination of essential oils and natural herbs with active properties for each cycle that empowers manual therapy.

Amrit Organic “Cycle of Wellness” Collection offers all four therapies of the wellness cycle in organic ingredient health rich formulas:

Jivaka Pain Relief therapy deeply relives chronic and sudden muscle pain including arthritis, sports sprains and joint discomfort. Jivaka combines the power of Organic Juniper Berry, Lavender, Eucalyptus and   Rosemary in Organic Sunflower, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba and Vitamin E. these oils bring natural nutrition and anti-oxidant properties while the precious essential oil properties deeply warm circulation and release pain, while encouraging inner strength and clarity of mind. 

Garshan Detox therapy kick starts the cleansing mechanisms of the body including the lymph system. These internal actions initiate toxin removal and strengthening the body’s natural system of detoxification. Garshan combines powerful Organic essential oils of Geranium Rose, Juniper Berry, Cypress and Lemone in Organic Sunflower, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba and Vitamin E. these oils bring natural nutrition and anti-oxidants while the precious essential oil properties invigorate while warming cellular action and encouraging the body’s stubborn collective areas to release toxins and impurities, improving the normal daily body repair and protection abilities.

Tissue Relief our organic “Signature Massage Balm & Oil” is perfect for deep tissue and modalities for muscle and tension relief; infusing therapy grade Organic Lavender (purifies and calms) into Organic Pam Fruit Butter (Vitamin and antioxidant nourishment) and Organic Virgin Coconut Butter (anti-inflammatory and healing). Perfect ending leaves the skin nourished, soft and balanced.

Strengthen comes from the ancient THAI therapy of organic lemongrass, organic Sunflower oil , organic Safflower oil and Organic Virgin Coconut oil. Deep beauty comes from deep healing and balance, strengthening all systems of the body along with purifying and cleansing.

Each has a companion scrub and mask, building services of complete wellness

and can also be introduced in Tressage! They are simply the Cycle of Wellness!