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New Beauty Safety Zone

Spa has always been a place to chill out and feel safe but Covid-19 has changed everything from emotional to physical .
We don’t know who has been exposed, a loved one sick or even past, loss of job or furlough, lost their business, or in deep depression but we do know that  our lives now encompass dramatic change.
Its not going to be easy but nothing great is and we can do this!

Spa Industry latest  

we know what sanitizing is…

Lets plan for 2 Phases:
First the Immediate Over Protective and Second the Intermediate Growth to a Safe and Practical Spa Life Style. This will all take its own time and each city and community will be different.
it’s unknown, if there will be a surge of the virus after the release from home dates comes. But plan on going to the extreme in cleanliness and sanitation with protection and stick to your protocols and watch for signs and share to your spa community.


The New Life style will develop . But as this evolves , best to keep our eyes open to red flags and keep thing very safe by correcting and developing new systems. Best practice is to share with other professionals, keep up with industry leaders and teach clients. It will be a journey for us all.

Safe Guides

Find the article “Creating Safer Spa Environment” posted here on March 6th 2020 blog article.
We started thinking about a safer spa in the beginning. There will be things to add and as time goes we can all discuss new and improved methods.
Review these suggestions and see what changes are imperative to safe and healthy spa living for all.

Spa Sanitation new Guide lines in Sanitation are important

Remember the basics never change and there is a plethora of information about what to quickly change for sanitation and identity out side of the basics in these articles.

CDC Work  Guides


Please read through the and you’ll understand the level categories of businesses.
Since Day and Medical Spas are medic-cosmetic, look at high to very high environment protection based according to what you serve in treatments.
Micro needling does open fluids. Including all product and mechanical exfoliation, and waxing.

 CDC Work Guides

New Tips Since March

Protect your spa, yourself and the client
  • Professional Fashion silently markets our mission and quality of safety and business services.
  • Longer sleeve, Higher necklines and longer lengths
The answer is simple. Shield your skin from cell transferring exposure and drape you client with arms under at all times and when clients are too warm exposing the feet will cool the body down. Gloves and masks of course.
You are going to need To address your phone etiquette and delivery with new spa protocols for the client. Don’t let anything be a surprise to your Clientele.
Change is good and an opportunity to
update your work image and reputation.



Newly Reviewed

Safety and Safe Offerings

Here is a List of Important practices to reinvent and for all the right purposes:

  • Simplifying our environment for space, out with display tables

  • Less Siting and Space between them

  • Off set and lengthen service time for less congestion

  • Disposable Amenities and no self-serve

  • Sampling: purchase or create and dispense: No more “Try on UR Own” products in retail or disposable sampling spoons in your Pro jars.

  • Disposable: Gowns, Gloves, Hair nets (back to older practices), Masks, Slippers and Paper bed covering sheets and more. Think about the Service first. Client Prep before service: Washing Hands and using sanitizing gel, Placing personal items in a Plastic basket, a hanging door bag or locker. Think this one over carefully.

  • Daily and after every client Sanitizing: It’s going to be a big job but we can discreetly clean  and never miss a spot which means a bit more time and the correct products.

  • The Greeting Desk: is there a Central Check in and Check out and sitting area and all the things it needs example Masks Thermometers and Gloves

  • New Phone Dialogue About the “Spa Entrance Health Form” Email us for an example


Safety is Caring and Caring is Showing your Finest!

There are protocols to change from no more Self Dispensing to finding a way to present it beautifully and a safe way to simplify it all, right from the beginning. But look to the many resources for spa and do it safely.

Great Resources

Go to your Industries best

We already know how to find the CDC but Just in case we will list them with a link

List of Resources:

Local State & County Gov.

Local State Industry Associations

National Industry Associations:

Day Spa Industry

Global Wellness Summit

Skin Inc. Spa Business

Experience Spa Association







“We believe everyone can have beautiful Skin”. It sounds simple & it can be. One of the leading aggravators that cause pimples and dullness is improperly Cleansed skin & Sleeping in Dirty Skin. Cleaning Skin properly can solve 50% to 90 % of Skin care Challenges.






Make Up off First Then Sleep!

It’s important to know the kind of Make Up you are using. Note: make up removers  just remove make up, they do not clean your skin & pores!

Water Based make up is preferred by Acne & Oily Skin Types, but certainly can be used by all. It is less clogging & is water soluble (dissolving).

Products like Our organic My Micellar Waters are great & are specifically made to remove just water based make up of all kinds (Foundations, Water Resistant Mascaras, & Blush & Eye Shadow Powders.

Water Proof & Oil Based Make up in creamy textures need an Oil Based make up remover like Our Lash Conditioner and Make Up Remover.

Oil breaks down Oil, as in Mascaras, Cream Foundations, Blushes & Eye Shadows & definitely Lipstick & Lip pencils.

Most women use them both kinds of make Up & need to use different make up removers for the specifics make up base.

Raw Skin Care



  • Water Base Makeup Removal is best done with water Soluble removers like My Micellar Complexion Waters
  • Water Proof & Oil Based Make up Remover must be Oil based, like our amazing Organic Lash Conditioner & Make Up Remover!
  • Cleansers Flush the Residue, Debris, Dead Cells & Bacteria. 
  • Toning skin revives the mantle & can leave a moisture cushion before Serums.
  • Scrubbing skin can be done with Cleanser and one of Our Botanical Smoothers or with a Facial brush.
  • Moisture is feeding & protecting skin, provided you use the correct products for your skin’s condition.

Now you know Make Up Removing Basics

More  Info Cleanser


organic & Beautiful

Each Cleanser is hand crafted with Organic Botanicals. They are all water soluble & blended perfectly for even the driest of skins. For Hyper sensitive & dry skin we add organic glycerin to soothe sensitivity & maintain added moisture on the skin.

 We offer 6 unique formulas & each can be found with full description in our shop .




The number one gift you can give your skin is a good bathing before retiring. Not only does your body rest and revive, but you entire system works to rebuild from life’s stress & exposure.

Facial Skin is the most tender & so quick to show  stress, dryness, sensitivity & imbalance.

But know this for Clear Clean Beautiful Skin after removing make up, a refreshing cleans to flush off the day, not only releases debris & kills bacteria, but it stimulates nerve ending, increases circulation & encourages the skin to heal & freely repair itself.

Lastly it eliminates morning pimples & that exhausted skin look.

perfect Cleanser



Organic & Confident

We are proud to offer you the finest in nurturing formulas. We never use Color, Fragrance, Toxins, Preservatives, Alcohols, or Synthetic Chemicals

We blend pure healthy products for those desiring a pure natural & organic product with many benefits & results.


About Us


Customizing What You Do & Use!

Skins can Bloom Softer, Moister and Firmer as result from all the colder season’s care; consistent deep cleansing Facials and the proper home care. If you have embraced or mix in by recommendation anti-aging facials it’s superlative!

With that much noticeable Comfort, Clearness & Refinement, now is not the time to stop, but is the time to change to Facials that strengthen & balancing, treatment like lighter peels to maintain breakouts & home care of  lighter Cleansers, calming & refreshing Toners, water soluble Treatment Serums, clear Light Oil Serums &  non-chemical and highly fragrance free *Sunscreens.

Flipping up your skin care from Season’s environmental impact is a secret that is shared by skin care professionals, but not always taken up as a practice or by the client. The change is amazingly visible & the feeling is super comforting.

Today We Believe, Everyone can Have Beautiful Skin !

Natural Skin Physiognomy works like this in simple terms

If the skin’s oil production is low, it’s generally associated to dry sensitive skins. In cooler months it feels miserably uncomfortable with constant dryness & appearing flakiness that increases as the colder temperatures arrive. As Spring rain starts & warmer temperatures begin the skin slowly feels more comfortable. This is because it oil will capabilities seem to balance & relax the skin. This action for dry skin makes you feel it’s sufficient for the hot months.  What happens is that, this skin type tends to stop facials & opts for a very lighter moisturizer & sunscreen. It finally feels comfortable. But is it really?

For the highly oily to unbalanced dry & oil producing skins, it’s the same in reverse, the skin dries out & tightens, but kicks into oil over-drive under the top layer of skin & surfaces as blemishes in colder months. It tends to congest deeply, breakouts are underneath until its able to surface, white heads from lack of exfoliation, proper cleansing & makeup removal & black heads increase. As warmer months arrive this skin produces more oil & breakouts seem to be more manageable; but most opt for drying cleansers, gel sunscreens and the sun as a healing & blemish control practice. This skin type like all skins need sun protection.

Skin Beauty to June Bloom & keeping it simple:

The answers for all skin types are Facial Treatments that match the Season. Why, because they cleanse deeper & more balancing then you can ever do at home. Types of facial are very important to match the season & your skin’s immediate condition & needs are the wow factor. Facials are anti-aging in themselves, because they stimulate cellular functions, including lymph & blood flow. They kick debris release, refine & balance texture & color while refining visible skin stress.

Facials for Summer Months: Anything Citrus & Cooling, Rich in Vitamin C & is Described as Healing the Skin Actions for Resilience. Raw Skin Care offers: Purity Nourishment, Complete Balance & Purely Bare Collections; Plus Multi-Fruits Exfoliants (all with Fruit Extracts), Vital Serums & New Nutri Fruit Masks; all water soluble / no oil (which makes them Perfect for Microdermabrasion).

Home Care For Summer: Customizing is the Ritual of Beautiful Skins!

What to choose? Best done by seeing a Day Spa or Medical Spa Skin Care Professional who grasps the Seasonal Differences & you can work with year round. Get a Consultation! But alas, here are our suggestions! Check out our “Finding Wellness Page”, Give them a Call!

Purity Nourishment ~ Purification & Resilience

Purity Collection is perfect for Acne and the Moisture Serum can be custom used once a day in the evening with Vitals (Water Soluble Restorative- Lavender Strengthen and Purification or Resilience-Rooibos Anti- inflammation & Healing) for the day time under a *non-gel Sunscreen

Complete Balance ~ Cleanse & Strengthening

Complete is perfect for combination skin flipping out the Amazing Lavender Toner for Bacterial Killing Purity Calendula Toner and the Vitals and Purity’s Lighter (more anti bacterial) Moisture Serum.

Perfect Comfort ~ Hydration & Clarity

Perfect is amazing alone for the driest skins without the Post Perfect (which is winters best first deep hydrating aid for all skins) and layering Vitals unless the preference for some Complete Balance lighter Balancing products are recommended.

Golden Nourishment ~ Refinement & Stimulation

Golden is perfect to mix in all and great tailoring pieces of other collection with the ability to stimulate cellular activity, but for summer perfect for exfoliation & omega strength. Vitamin C Rich & mixes well with all other Collections

Purely Bare ~ Naked Perfection & Anti-inflammation

Purely Bare formulated for the sensitive skin is perfect for summer over exposure healing, controlling sensitivity and all over comforting (flip out pieces for gentle control). But for adult Acne it is perfect to control inflammation during winter or anytime and flip in Purity’s pieces for oil control and higher bacteria kill.  

Keep Your Skin Care Rhythm all Year

Don’t throw out the last seasons products. Each Season moves thru fast & keeps the skins physiognomy in flux…and you’ll get the handle on it working with a great professional. Look at our Finding Wellness Page for a Great Spa Professional. What is important is beauty & is for everyone no matter how you feel about your skin…Everyone Can Have Beautiful Skin Today!

*Sun Screens…the best blocks are in creme form. Why you ask? Because the most natural sun blocks from Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide work only in Oil and Coconut is the best!

Our next Blog Article will be exactly on Sun Screens and the Choices you can make as a Client and professional!




Since 2006 Our Red Cherry Group Brands & President has been featured in National Consumer & Trade Magazines, Blogs, Books & Web Casts.

Impressively we are honored by our associates including Organic Spa Magazine, Elle, Renew, Nails, Chicago’s Conscience Choice, Vogue, Modern Salon, American Spa, ISPA Pulse,  Skin Inc. Spa Business, Toxic Beauty Blog,  Spirituality & Massage Magazines to name a few!

The proof of the Organic quality, active effectiveness & luxury is to enjoy & reap the benefits of one of our Wonderful Organic Treatments & continue the rewards with exclusive Organic Home Care!

Touch to Find a Day, Medical & Luxury Resort Spa by you & experience what you can offer in your practice.


“Apothecary Wellness”