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New Beauty Safety Zone

Spa has always been a place to chill out and feel safe but Covid-19 has changed everything from emotional to physical .
We don’t know who has been exposed, a loved one sick or even past, loss of job or furlough, lost their business, or in deep depression but we do know that  our lives now encompass dramatic change.
Its not going to be easy but nothing great is and we can do this!

Spa Industry latest  

we know what sanitizing is…

Lets plan for 2 Phases:
First the Immediate Over Protective and Second the Intermediate Growth to a Safe and Practical Spa Life Style. This will all take its own time and each city and community will be different.
it’s unknown, if there will be a surge of the virus after the release from home dates comes. But plan on going to the extreme in cleanliness and sanitation with protection and stick to your protocols and watch for signs and share to your spa community.


The New Life style will develop . But as this evolves , best to keep our eyes open to red flags and keep thing very safe by correcting and developing new systems. Best practice is to share with other professionals, keep up with industry leaders and teach clients. It will be a journey for us all.

Safe Guides

Find the article “Creating Safer Spa Environment” posted here on March 6th 2020 blog article.
We started thinking about a safer spa in the beginning. There will be things to add and as time goes we can all discuss new and improved methods.
Review these suggestions and see what changes are imperative to safe and healthy spa living for all.

Spa Sanitation new Guide lines in Sanitation are important

Remember the basics never change and there is a plethora of information about what to quickly change for sanitation and identity out side of the basics in these articles.

CDC Work  Guides


Please read through the and you’ll understand the level categories of businesses.
Since Day and Medical Spas are medic-cosmetic, look at high to very high environment protection based according to what you serve in treatments.
Micro needling does open fluids. Including all product and mechanical exfoliation, and waxing.

 CDC Work Guides

New Tips Since March

Protect your spa, yourself and the client
  • Professional Fashion silently markets our mission and quality of safety and business services.
  • Longer sleeve, Higher necklines and longer lengths
The answer is simple. Shield your skin from cell transferring exposure and drape you client with arms under at all times and when clients are too warm exposing the feet will cool the body down. Gloves and masks of course.
You are going to need To address your phone etiquette and delivery with new spa protocols for the client. Don’t let anything be a surprise to your Clientele.
Change is good and an opportunity to
update your work image and reputation.



Newly Reviewed

Safety and Safe Offerings

Here is a List of Important practices to reinvent and for all the right purposes:

  • Simplifying our environment for space, out with display tables

  • Less Siting and Space between them

  • Off set and lengthen service time for less congestion

  • Disposable Amenities and no self-serve

  • Sampling: purchase or create and dispense: No more “Try on UR Own” products in retail or disposable sampling spoons in your Pro jars.

  • Disposable: Gowns, Gloves, Hair nets (back to older practices), Masks, Slippers and Paper bed covering sheets and more. Think about the Service first. Client Prep before service: Washing Hands and using sanitizing gel, Placing personal items in a Plastic basket, a hanging door bag or locker. Think this one over carefully.

  • Daily and after every client Sanitizing: It’s going to be a big job but we can discreetly clean  and never miss a spot which means a bit more time and the correct products.

  • The Greeting Desk: is there a Central Check in and Check out and sitting area and all the things it needs example Masks Thermometers and Gloves

  • New Phone Dialogue About the “Spa Entrance Health Form” Email us for an example


Safety is Caring and Caring is Showing your Finest!

There are protocols to change from no more Self Dispensing to finding a way to present it beautifully and a safe way to simplify it all, right from the beginning. But look to the many resources for spa and do it safely.

Great Resources

Go to your Industries best

We already know how to find the CDC but Just in case we will list them with a link

List of Resources:

Local State & County Gov.

Local State Industry Associations

National Industry Associations:

Day Spa Industry

Global Wellness Summit

Skin Inc. Spa Business

Experience Spa Association






“Creating a Safer

Spa Environment “.

What can we immediately do to protect our staff and guests? Lets begin by refreshing your Spa’s Sanitation practices and then add and changing current practices.





join and ask the professionals


Corona Virus and Spa  Adding New Practices




Corona (COVID-19), HIV, Flu: Remember the HIV Breakout in the 80s and how it impacted so many businesses including the beauty industry. Every State passed regulations to aid in stopping the spread. The best cure is safe sex, but HIV has yet to be cured and is only managed with drugs.
Corona Virus is similar in the fact that we need to step up and change the way we present ourselves as a healthy and safe environment.
The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has no cure , drug management actions or preventative immunization injection/shot, it spreads to available hosts, gives no warring except Fever, Cough and Short of breathe, and has little to no research that we know of yet.
What can we do immediately to protect our staff and guests? Lets begin by refreshing your Spa’s Sanitation practices and then add and changing current practices.

Changing and Adding New Practices


departments reflect each other


Update and Adding New Practices

  • Sanitizing surfaces between clients and staff on all equipment including: Chairs, Keyboards, Terminals Etc.

  • Change surfaces: Chairs, Mats, Receptacles & Containers from wood and fabric to metal and plastic

  • Check and Sanitize Entrance Doors all knobs and hangers, where hands go.

  • Sanitize pens or investing in Marketing pens to give away

  • Add a Hand Sani-dispenser and Kleenex at the desk for Guests and Staff.


Spa Rooms Rooms and all stations

  • Shaking hands, pump sanitizer in your clients hands and your own 1st

  • Remove garbage between Clients,

  • Sanitizing Receptacles each time,

  • Direct where to place personal belongings

  • Metal receptacles for glasses and rings.

  • Pump Sanitizer Bottle by the small item receptacle

  • Replace Fabric and Wood items with Glass, Plastic and Metal

Add a Lunch Room or Kitchenette Dishwasher


Our Looks, Sampling and Care

    • Dump open aired pumps except for Soap and Sanitation products.

    • Make samples of cremes and lotions

    • If Directly sampling use a disposable tool

    • Clean and sanitize and put away all Products between services

    • All Departments Wear elegant fashion statement uniforms and groom impeccably.

    • Change for a simpler and stream lined look in Decor that you can easily clean

    • Teach you clients



Beauty with fashion are silently

Marketing our mission and Quality of Business.

We can make the Future Safer together

Pros, are you doing many facials this summer?

For years I have heard that Summer is Waxing Season and Winter is Body and Facial Season. But is that true? Something to think about as a professional is, “are we sending our client’s out the spa door unarmed for the hot, sweaty, pimple, gel drying and oil producing season” and “are we not adapting a summer spa menu to solve our client’s summer skin problems and shouting it out”?   

Lots of questions to mull over in the professional mind to challenge ourselves…

First for both the professional and client is to stop thinking what a season has to do in a service of not happening or engaging in. Spa is Spa = Facial, Body, Waxing, Spray Tanning, Makeup and Skin Care Season is all year long. If you’re not giving the Client the best information for her skin and body every season then you’re stuck.

Think of every reason there is for maintaining all the Medical Spa Services you or your competitor do and then ask your client “how does she plan to protect her Investment in Anti-Aging”.  This starts the conversation!

Summer Proofing

Summer Proofing Skin: results are Clear Skin – Sun Screen Laden – Beauty, it’s that simple, but getting there is pre and post education. Start now or fine tune what you already have, because it’s never too late. With great hope your Spa is selling Sun Screens and Balancing and Purifying Skin Care. We love Spa brands like Tizo  and ELTA MD. . Offering a Brand Specific item is the current Spa Boutique retail branding that is a must in technology and wellness today.

 Summer Proofing the Spa Menu! We all come out with specials, but I suggest a Summer Menu specifically that can run from late April into Late September depending where in the world you are! Include all your waxing intermingled with Skin Specific treatments and Home care!

Example (use it, improve it or quickly create your own:

Summer Care Menu by Spa Casa Soleil

Summer Menu Marketing

Direct Email is the best and hopefully you have an email list of clients plus Face Book Instagram and Twitter. But start with a designed menu like this:

Now Email it to all your Clients. Post it on your Spa Website and Social Media. Make a Poster of it for the Spa and Frame it (you have months before it’s taken down). Next create a large Post Card printed by your local Printer, Your graphics Team or Vista Print , deliver or mail it out to you community, also with your full menu, Mail it to your top 30% of Clients Direct and plus hand it out to all Clients at the desk! OMG, it’s July, but no worries in 1 day you can create a menu, in days a Post Card & Poster Locally for sure and Social Media immediately!

Take one step further and use these services for Specials. Oh YEAH!  Specials Like: Combine any One Summer Facial Treatment and a Body Scrub and get a Sun Screen free!

It is all about educating the client away from the old school of no summer care to becoming more of a Bare Healthy Beauty for the rest of their lives. Remember Sun Screen is an application 365 days a year of your Life and  is the Skin Cancer protection for Health and Wellness for LIFE. PS along with safe living. Have a Conversation with your dermatologist!

Reading for you and your Clients!

Spa Trends – Sun Screen Article – sign up for this newsletter

UK Reports on Sun Screen Report on repeat Application & data

Pulse Entertainment Web Magazine – Summer Advice by an Esthetician!


Our Summer Tip:

Use Raw Skin Care Hydrosol / Toners for not only their properties, but a refreshing Hydrosol Aromatherapy Wellness Blast before Sun Screen Application. They heal, kill bacteria, balance, hydrate & soothe skin.

Raw Skin Care Hydrosol Information :Raw Skin Hydrosols

“The Safety of Sunscreens”

At one time there were little to no Sun Screens available to buy. We depended on Hats then Visors, Long Sleeves and Getting Out THE Umbrellas or just staying out of it.

Especially if you are very Fair, Sensitive and a Redhead!

The well documented development of the sun screen from a laboratory to commercial use began in 1928 with the mineral Zinc (organic in matter). Who the discovery is awarded to is still debated, but the credit goes to Cosmetic Scientist: Milton Blake (Hamilton Labs, Australia 1930), Eugene Schueller (L’Oreal Cosmetics 1936),   Franz Greiter, Chemist (Australia 1938 and being responsible for the SPF Rating system in 1962), Benjamin Green (American in Miami, 1940 for GIs in WW2/ South Pacific, this Sun Screen became known and commercially available for the first time in America in 1944, named Coppertone).

The first formulations of Sun Screens Commercially were made with very toxic ingredients & had to be formulated in production with Hazmat suits. Since the 1960s, we have seen many more formulas come & go from Sea & Swim to Beach & Boat Lovers including:  Water Resistant Proofs to Cosmetic Infusions in Moisture Cremes to Foundations.

Today, there are wonderful Sun Screens with safer technology and more are being developed. Why, because Melanoma is at an all time high, do to Over Sun Exposure & Burning and Tanning beds which were used by most people from late 1960 through the 1990s & beliefs in the 20th Century, that a deep tans was a sign of health, beauty & wealth. Thank goodness that has changed.

Today Women and Men alike opt for a lighter healthy tan. But the journey to Anti-aging is fragile and as Professionals, our treatments today for Anti-aging include deep exfoliation of all kinds from Enzymes and Peels to Lighter more efficient Laser technology. While all this is a wonderful benefit to our Youth Seeking Clients, protection is an utmost importance.

Let’s put out the Myths and get right to some of the Truths about Sun Screen.

(P.S. if you have question about Myths, email us at  or seek thru the references below!)

Myth: There are now Chemical-free Sun Screens

Truth: Sun Screen are now made with safer chemicals & available without added chemicals & heavy fragrances. But there are NO completely chemical free Sun Screens. 

Myth: Vitamin D absorption is blocked with Sun Screen

Truth: Sun Screens do not Block the Body’s natural ability to absorb Vitamin D.

Myth: The amount & use in one application of Sun Screen on hot spots (Nose, Shoulders etc.) is best and all you need.

Truth: full coverage and liberal amount to cover all exposed areas and repeating the application is essential to full protection.

Myth: Waterproof Sun Screen are a once an outing application

Truth: Waterproof Sun Screens are meant to last 30 to 40 minutes in the water and need reapplication after water dipping. Your body’s actions are to absorb and in water sun screen melts away.

Myth: My Sun Screen say’s it “PROTECTS ALL DAY”

Truth:  This packaging is not true & is hype.  If it says “all day protection” it must instruct  with reapplication every hour.

Myth: I don’t need to apply a Sun Screen after laser, peel or facial treatment the next day or maybe one more time.

Truth: Like Tanning beds, when we manually decrease our skins layers & the skin become thinner we need to be extremely vigilant with protection every day. It’s a fact and yes you must apply everyday!

Myth: Sun Screen after waxing for hair removal is not necessary

Truth: It’s as important as after any exfoliation service. Waxing hair not only removes Hair but it also takes with it dead skin cells on that area of skin. It’s most important after & continually to apply sun screen daily with exposure. Note, it’s a great practice after all Hair removal techniques including Laser which works to remove dead cell that accumulate in the follicle.

We as Professionals have the most opportune time to educate our clients from  Tweens to Grand Parents about protection and slowing down the chance of skin cancer. Beauty is as beauty does and our body and its skin show the signs of environmental, personal care & stresses as our life’s journey progresses. Being nearly free from disease is hard for us all but we can live a life style of prevention.

Let’s face it, “Sun Screen is  Anti-aging”

Here at the Red Cherry Group our passion is for a safer healthier world.

Prevention as a mindset and action is the power to create a healthier body.

  • First through good natural and organic “live food” choices for internal stress relief and less allergies, to maintaining and building the immune systems
  • Second through Organic, Natural Native and International body and skin medical practices; these are wonderfully available in Wellness Centers & Day, Medical & Resort Spas to rev the body and skin detoxification systems
  •  Thirdly through Natural and Organic Personal Care that purifies, and detoxifies to enhance skin’s strength and relieving stress.

If you haven’t join the Wellness Spa Community to offer the finest active natural & organic professional Spa Services

call today at 847 823 1727

or email our Professional  Staff at

Here is a list of great resources about sunscreen and addition health resources:

Offers the Finest Professional & Retail Spa Products which grew from the Passion & Vision of Red Cherry Certified Organic Lab.

We offer three Organic Treatment Brands from One Organic Manufacturer maintaining superior standards & performance:

Raw Skin Care, Amrit Organic & Spa Specifics.

Each product is Hand Crafted & always Fresh with the sole purpose of wellness, healing & improving personal care in every formula from anti-aging to flawless & strengthened skin, with all the benefits & results. 

Raw Skin Care Collections are designed for specific skin needs from Teen & Adult Acne to Chronic Conditions & Inflammation to Anti-aging; including Pre & Post Medical Spa Laser, Peels & Non-Invasive Treatment Therapies.  Raw Skin Care heals the skin back to health & beauty.

Amrit Organic Collections bring Global Body Treatments & Organic Botanical Practices & Products to the forefront of Spa Offerings & redesigns Body Therapies to advance luxury treatments.

Spa Specifics Collections are Our Pioneered Organic Professional Treatment & Retail Brand for Nails, Hands & Feet & Simply Addicting Body Scrubs & Wrap Therapy. Spa Specifics eliminates chemicals in skin & nail services that are so prevalent in nail care.

 We Believe Everyone Can Have Beautiful Skin Today 








Yes You Can, Medical Estheticians, Laser Technicians, Nurses, & PT Massage Therapists by simply using what Healing Professionals have done for Centuries to Heal Disease, Spiritually Revive & Beautify = Aromatherapy.  For those of us who are bridging ancient medical practices and high science Aromatherapy is a great vehicle to balance.

Imagine as a client would that upon coming in for Botox, Laser or an  Injection Service & the Professional first pulse point your wrists with a blend of Lavender & Lemon Balm to bring down anxiety & after a bit of Mint to enlighten energy for YOU! Sure beats the Coffee they offer! Think of the release as numbing cream is applied!

I highly Recommend Care with all Aromatherapy by updating your knowledge, become a certified technician & know the red flags to aromas plus remember all our Drugs begin with Mother Nature, so don’t underestimate the power of Aromatherapy. It’s a wonderful practice & all too well the Client has no idea to ask for something calming to relieve her or his anxiety or day’s tension. There are many ways Aromatherpy Wellness can be added to the Medical Spa Venue, but this is a simple non invasive way to begin a great relationship & build loyalty.

Here are some simple examples of Notes to Blend:

BALM, LEMON; (Lemon Balm); (Melissa Officinalis)

Uses: Antibacterial, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, bactericidal, carminative, sedative, tonic, and for purification of skin.Aroma is light, fresh & green citrus blending well with citrus oils, chamomile, geranium, lavender, petite grain, geranium rose

Mind Body Spirit Properties Anti-anxiety & Reconnecting calmness to peacefulness allowing the body to renews cellular energy (anti-aging)


BASIL, SWEET (Ocimum basilicum)…PSST…Excellent for Women for Hormonal Balance

Uses: Antibacterial, antiseptic, & antispasmodic

Mind Body Spirit Properties: Cheers & strengthens to re-surge energy with clarity, Antidepressant , used to relieve melancholy, fear & sadness, Excellent for Women’s issues to relieve cramps and stimulate menstruation


CORIANDER (Coriander sativum)

Uses: This herb is used in several international cuisines, Aroma is sweet, spicy, woody, & a slight fruity top note

Mind body Spirit Properties: Analgesic, antibacterial, anti-rheumatic, & antispasmodic, Revitalizing, gently stimulates tired and low energy to rebound, Helps people to relax pleasantly from stress and nervousness, Relieves the mind of chaos to revive the senses to regenerate

  Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia)

Uses: Used in Purification, Calming & Renewal to Strength

Mind body Spirit Properties: Lavender oil is known for its skin healing properties and its use as a sedative, Analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aromatic, Blends well with a wide variety of essential oils but especially : bergamot, chamomile, clary sage, clove, cypress, eucalyptus, geranium, grapefruit, juniper, lemon, lemongrass, mandarin, marjoram, palma rosa, patchouli, peppermint, pine, geranium rose, rosemary. Lavender calms to awaken leaving a sense of new abilities of beauty, strength, passion & rebirth


 MINT: Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Spearmint (Mentha apicata)

Uses: Mint has many culinary and pharmaceutical uses. It is also used for its soothing and cooling qualities on the digestive and nervous systems

Mind body Spirit Properties: Analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti fungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, digestive, expectorant, insecticide, sedative, stimulant, stomachic, vasoconstrictor, & vermifuge, Blends well with Basil, eucalyptus, geranium, grapefruit, juniper, lavender, lemon, marjoram, & rosemary, All mints bring release, bring mindful joy, infuse warmth & compassion for well being and heighten body electricity to new energies


 ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

Uses: Opens breathing gently especially when mixed with Orange & Lemon; excellent for breakouts & Hormonal skin types.

Mind body Spirit Properties:Analgesic, antiarthritic, antibacterial, antioxidant, antirheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, astringent, carminative, decongestant, diaphoretic, digestive, diuretic, expectorant, fungicidal, hepatic, hypertensive, nervine, restorative, stimulant, stomachic,& tonic, Warm, Hydrating & Purifying, Antibacterial to skin bacteria & infection…excellent for acne and broken skin do to eruption. Strong, fresh, camphor-like and with a woody-balsamic undertone, Blends perfectly with basil, bergamot, cinnamon, citronella, clary sage, geranium, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, litsea cubeba, mandarin, marjoram, peppermint, petite grain,& pines,Rosemary clarifies the mind to intelligence & rebound the bodies strength

 Spa Whole Health Custom Action


Best Advise! Give us a call, we can help you & answer all those questions. But keep it simple &

choose a Custom Blend or a Small Collection of Aroma Extracts that Build your Brand & Reputation as Well_ness too!



 Anti-aging for the Body beautifies the Body, Face, Hair, Nails, Mind & Spirit. They aid in stress healing, sleeping better, building renew cellular activity and all over youthfulness!

Anti-aging Body Treatments, simply make you younger looking and feeling!

Recently I presented at the IECSC Chicago Convention the future trends of Wellness in the lecture “Apothecary Wellness” and its connection to the Day Spa.

Let’s seriously jump into the Season of Spring which is renewal, commitment, rejuvenation, exercise & weight loss. Stop and Look at the Day Spa Future Focus of “Preventative Health Rituals & Self Help Retail.

Now look at the reasonsSleep Aids, Anxiety Control, Stress, Headaches, Toxin-Detox, Strength, Endurance, Peace of Mind, Inspiration and Energy, which all point to Anti-aging; because when you Sleep Well with a Peaceful Soul & Mind, you wake up full of Energy, Strength, Resilience and Beauty.

Anti-aging means the Wealth of Health and the look of Youthfulness. You cannot separate one from the other. Day Spa is going into full tilt Wellness with Holistic Anti-aging at the core, incorporating the Wisdom and Practices of handed down Ancient Rituals, Diet and Physical Toning for Strength in combination of Modern Anti-aging Holistic Discoveries and Natural Science. PSST, plus wonderful Medical Spa non-invasive Services from laser to body to injectables.

This is Day Spas next big Body Treatment Season. You know how to make service value plan, specials & rewards, but can you implement them in a way that client’s participate?

First are your services note worthyHere is a list of Anti-aging “Show-off Your Body Techniques & Organic Nutrient Products”  to  Custom Designed Wellness Rich Anti-aging Body Rituals ( Detox, Strengthen, Refine and Regain Body Tonality and Hydration)

Body Polishes or Scrubs made of Natural and Organic dissoluble combinations of Whole Organic Grains, Exotic Salts like Kosher Dead Sea, Himalayan Pink Mountain and Organic Sugars all mixed with Custom Organic Essential Oils and Tinctures. Don’t forget a DRY BRUSH!

Body Waters that Refresh, Dissolve and Balance = Hydrolates and Tea brews

Body Wraps of Tea Soaked Towels or Strips and Hot Linens and Towels

Body Skin Infusions of Custom Blended Organic Plant Oils

Body Additives of Organic AHA Tinctures, Extracts and Elixirs

Body Poultice & Hot Stones for Warm Oil Massaging and infusion

Body Yoga Breathing and warm mist infusion

Body Massage including Acupressure and Marma Point Deep Touch Release, Myofascial and Scalp Pressure Massage and traditional Body Work Massage

Those are the immediate potential therapy actions every day spa can do. If you need an expert, to help you design treatments, call Amrit Organic. Get the knowledge, learn and earn.

 Next a thorough Consult and customize the treatment for every client experience.

If your spa has a Wet and or Dry Sauna and a Meditation room incorporate them into a 1.25 to 1.50 Session (longer with a full massage). But you have the ability to create shorter treatment at comfortable pricing to encourage and grow participation. Know your Clients lives!

Now You’re Day Spa Menu: If you have Body treatments on your menu and they are rarely booked. Then change them, learn what works and follow that direction. It could be price, it could be the timing, it could be you client are not aware of them and their value and it could be staff is not talking about them!

We know these techniques can take years off the client’s body and erase facial and body visible stress, but more than that they rev the circulation quietly, trigger pain release, stimulate organic detox, hydrate and soften the skin and refresh the spirit and mind. Do they know this?

Here is an Example of the Anti-Aging Body Treatment (Ritual) that does all it all! You add in these steps the Correct Products and Modalities. Remember quality and target purpose is the IT factor.

  • Client Changes in Robe
  • Sits with Tea and Foot Bath During Consult & Part of Custom Plan.
  • Prep Client into the experience with Client action to Table Treatment
  • He or She will disrobe and dry brush themselves before lying on tummy.
  • Return to begin the customized service
  • Add into the service a Yoga Breathing Session with Essential Oils with a steamer while client is laying face up relaxing 3 mins.
  • If you add massage for any amount of time, add Hot Stones with long strokes, for the client to hold when face up!
  • Dry brush the client very lightly again before applying oils
  • End with a meditation session with relaxation and tea for 2mins before ending to change and leave.

Here at Amrit Organic we can guide you into offering your clients the finest products and creative steps to wellness and ageless beauty, with proven results. The key to successful treatment are the right products. It’s not just smell and flavor, its true wellness.

Our techniques and products are part of the Wellness Future of Day, Resort and Clinic Spas today. Questions call 847 823 1727.





We are about to launch another New Trend Development for The Red Cherry Group!

Putting all our Ideas, Launches, Education References, Global Research & All about the Spa Pro here in one Spot!

We hope You will Spread the News Once we get rolling!

Going to be a lot of Fun, Facts & Future Ideas for Us All.

Please check back soon!