Purely Bare Step 2 Pro Toner 4oz.
Purely Bare Step 2 Pro Toner 4oz.
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Purely Bare Step 2 Pro Toner 4oz.

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Purely Bare Organic  Toner of Chamomile is a  Sweet Floral Healing Toner / Hydrosol. It is most effective  in treating adult acne and most chronic skin conditions. It is ultra-comforting and works to calm, sooth, and hydrate, while refreshing skin.

Chamomile acts fast on visible irritation with anti-redness properties to reduce inflammation and start the skin's healing abilities. Most can see and feel a dramatic difference.

Organic Botanical Chamomile in its pure form has all the properties to both calm and hydrate without aggravating hyper-sensitive skins and chronic dryness. Purely Bare Toner is for sensitive and chronic irritated skin types, those with redness, flakiness, & stinging, burning, persistent redness, medically diagnosed Rosacea and Psoriasis or anyone wanting the benefits of Chamomile.

Purely Bare Toner Ingredients: Chamomile Hydrosol ( Matricaria chamomilla L).

Available in a 16oz. Refill

Raw Skin Care Toners are Pure Organic Hydrosol (Hydrolates or Distillates) colloidal suspension in water, simply meaning an aromatic water with therapeutic properties. Our beautiful Herbal Waters come from the Highest rated Certified Organic Farm and distillery in WA.. Grown and Distilled in the USA. 

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