Spa is My Love

Solutions For All

Spa Ownership is “My Love, My Life” lifestyle that seems to never end, even if you are the most organized and prepared Professional.

Spa always has one more surprise up it’s Plush Robe Sleeve and when you have added and enforce all the tools each department needs to run well on, then you can market your Dream Spa Brand and keep it Exciting.

We can help you get to this point, especially if you have been struggling not knowing what to do next or if you just starting out and think you have it all together.

Our Eye on Spa Business for Years

Luxury to Wellness From One Generation to Another

Our reputation and integrity precedes us, working and specializing in the Day, Medical and Salon Spa Culture in the Midwest. We understand the Nature of working in the Urban, Suburban and Rural Village Spas in the States Surrounding Illinois. Plus Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs, which are our hub.

With a strong focus on daily spa culture mechanics being the turning motion of success, we can guide you to see New Changes that can make a WORLD of DIFFERENCE.

We can also bring to you associate partners that can take you where more specialty is needed. Including State by State Medical Spa requirements and design. We offer: Overview of Spa Design and Flow, Employee Protocols and Performance Programs, Reception Protocols and Sales, Rewards Programs, Staff Management and Culture Perfect Product Advice for Professional and Retail and more.

We’ll show you how to work spa smarter.