Welcome to the heart of Our Initiative. The Red Cherry Group is driven by my passion to bring information to the forefront, push minds to build a solid spa community, reboot spa business actions & to continually keep all eyes on the future.  

The “call for action” today is Education first. From many spas, I hear, only take classes from their product manufacturer. Today, I give you the the permission to broaden your knowledge with a challenge.

Broadening your perception of what you already know has a multi-purpose, including what’s true, what’s new & what’s coming in the future.  Here are ways to attain this career lifestyle practice:

  • Invest in your self…it’s investing in your career!
  • Research from reliable resources …chose through investigation
  • Network with Other Professionals & Educators…pick brains

 Investing (UR $ for knowledge) in advanced education, gives you an edge with more senses to absorb information & the opportunity of meeting more professionals. Best avenues: Day & Medical Spa Industry Conferences, On-line Webinars (American Spa Mag offers them), Memberships in Local Chapter & National Association. Don’t overlook related Career Industries & Business Professional Memberships like: SBA, AM Spa Association, & ISPA ! Share new one’s you like & why, in a reply below!

Research from reliable sources! Yearly I read this report along with ISPA Yearly Survey Report. Tap on the Global Summit Image and get the PDF.  Never say never, you will find Past & Future Forecast Trends that you can take a portion or concept from & stimulate your staff & clients. My Future Concept Day & Med Spa Love is “Self Help Treatments & Home care” Think beyond stress relief, but of the symptoms: sleeplessness, agitation, nervousness, dull skin tone & sadness. Create Therapies Like The Better Lullaby Massage; a mix of heat & touch therapy that strengths better sleeping habits!…think Amrit Organic = indigenous medical preventative lifestyle Rituals…Spa perfect! Couldn’t help myself…think Wellness in a more self help way. BTY Self help is Touch Therapy Treatments!

Like Alice, meeting New People, was a bit awkward at first…but the ride & discovery was amazing. I have met the most passionate & wonderful professionals in every class I’ve attended & taught. I have learned from everyone of them & I have made Friends from all over the world. We are in the most sharing & caring industry. Ask my wonderful Associate, Friend & Salon Spa Owner Maria Sigman of Echo Chicago; Just back from New Orleans, attending a  two day business conference with people from all over the USA. Maria seeks every education opportunity she can find for herself & all her staff members.

Lastly, I want to add newsletters. They are a grass roots way of finding inspiration, new ideas, trusted past insights that come back & sometimes the most unique Medical & Day Spa offerings that must be investigated.

There is always more but this is the First of New Spa beginnings …never stop the search of knowledge!

If you have any questions please email me!