Tressage Dead Sea Nutrients
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Tressage Dead Sea Nutrients

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    Tressage™ Dead Sea Nutrients clarified the body) with the super softness of Volcanic Ash trace minerals and plant essential extractions internal and topical health by strengthening and purifying.

    Suggested Global Modalities: Swedish, Shiatsu Scalp and Spine Balance and Deep Tissue Massage.

    Tressage™ Dead Sea Nutrients are perfect for over active skins especially those that suffer from Acne. Eczema and Poor Circulation that leave the skin dry and grey. This Natural Mud clarifies and detoxified with every massage movement and brightens Skin color back while leaving nutrients from volcanic ash and the dead sea. Its perfect for blending custom or spa signature aromatherapy because it has no aromas or fragrance added, just pure sea mud and volcanic ash clay

    Ingredients:  Natural Bentonite Clay and Dead Sea Mud. 

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