Tressage™ Relaxed Warmth
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Tressage™ Relaxed Warmth

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Tressage™ Relaxed Warmth a gentle exfoliation that melts and leave the skin glowing with vitality. Born from the traditions of Thailand medicinal and beauty rituals. this is truly a wonderful way to balance energies and balance the body's temperature system.

Best massage modalities are Swedish, Shiatsu, Balinese and Deep Tissue with alternating Acupressure

Tressage™ Relaxed Warmth is a must for those who are cold and have poor circulation and blocked internal systems. This is truly a wonderful stress buster because it's botanicals of Ginger properties include detoxification and builds to balance warmth and proper blood flow and lemongrass for it's purifying and appetite improving properties which compliment a sluggish system. New is the addition of Angelica Power adding a wonderful anti-inflammation factor to soothes moods and promote healing with comfort. 

Ingredients: Fullers Clay, Bentonite Clay, Herbs of Ginger, Lemongrass and Angelica. 

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