Unwind, Organic Oil Blend
Unwind, Organic Oil Blend
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Unwind, Organic Oil Blend

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Unwind Modern Therapy Designer Oil immediately induces a sense of quiet and ease. This oil rejuvenates and reconnects the physical body back with the mind and spirit . It's Botanical properties work to quiet the nervous system, improve the circulatory system,  bring awareness of a deep gentle tension sedation over the entire body. This translates to the body, mind and spirit blockage relief.

Unwind Modern Therapy Designer Oil results and benefits include:

  • a feeling of deep ease
  • stress quieting
  • detoxification and internal unwinding
  • revival of strength
  • sense of awakening through deep relaxation

Unwind Modern Therapy Designer Oil's Aroma is earthy and grounded, woody and green with a note of sweetness.

Organic Ingredients: peppermint (Mentha piperita), rosemary Tunisian (Rosmarinus officinalis), ginger root (Panax quinquefolius ), French cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

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