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Red Cherry Group Presents on location at the Chicago McCormick Place during the IECSC Spa Wellness Conference

Learn how botanical ingredients were exclusively used in modern skincare of the 20th century and become familiar with botanical bases along with starting the beauty wars.  Now, discover why they are the crowns of the most successful cosmeceutical and the new traditional formulas in professional spa skin care, how they have been modernized, including discoveries in organic ingredients and what the future holds in 21st century ingredient chemistry.
Sunday, April 29…3:00pm

~ Apothecary Wellness  

The apothecary blue print to wellness services is more than essential oils. We’ll show you how to develop, design and implement the apothecary bar, including all forms of aromatherapy, herbal ingredients, and elixirs and teas and non-living earthly ingredients. In addition, the design of custom consults for developing treatments and a new business identity that will broaden custom wellness and advanced alternative personal care.

Red Cherry Group Presents on location at New York’s Jacob Javits Center during the IECSC Spa Wellness Conference

Sunday, March 4…10:00am

Learn to love ingredients – they are spa’s best friends. Spa is all about the chemistry of anti-stress, anti-aging, healing, replenishing and millions of wonderful needs. A sure-fire way to success is to become a knowledgeable professional in ingredients, chemical impacts and how they differ. But that is just the beginning, you also need to get the fever for chronic skin conditions, diseases and lifestyles. We’ll present how to get started, applying the basic and why grow a library. Also, the choices in chemical impact vs. your knowledge and how that applies to you work and its future. Along with that is how to keep up with the speed of ingredient development, its resources and how it determines how spa chooses what they use and how to maintain to product culture.