Anti-aging for the Body beautifies the Body, Face, Hair, Nails, Mind & Spirit. They aid in stress healing, sleeping better, building renew cellular activity and all over youthfulness!

Anti-aging Body Treatments, simply make you younger looking and feeling!

Recently I presented at the IECSC Chicago Convention the future trends of Wellness in the lecture “Apothecary Wellness” and its connection to the Day Spa.

Let’s seriously jump into the Season of Spring which is renewal, commitment, rejuvenation, exercise & weight loss. Stop and Look at the Day Spa Future Focus of “Preventative Health Rituals & Self Help Retail.

Now look at the reasonsSleep Aids, Anxiety Control, Stress, Headaches, Toxin-Detox, Strength, Endurance, Peace of Mind, Inspiration and Energy, which all point to Anti-aging; because when you Sleep Well with a Peaceful Soul & Mind, you wake up full of Energy, Strength, Resilience and Beauty.

Anti-aging means the Wealth of Health and the look of Youthfulness. You cannot separate one from the other. Day Spa is going into full tilt Wellness with Holistic Anti-aging at the core, incorporating the Wisdom and Practices of handed down Ancient Rituals, Diet and Physical Toning for Strength in combination of Modern Anti-aging Holistic Discoveries and Natural Science. PSST, plus wonderful Medical Spa non-invasive Services from laser to body to injectables.

This is Day Spas next big Body Treatment Season. You know how to make service value plan, specials & rewards, but can you implement them in a way that client’s participate?

First are your services note worthyHere is a list of Anti-aging “Show-off Your Body Techniques & Organic Nutrient Products”  to  Custom Designed Wellness Rich Anti-aging Body Rituals ( Detox, Strengthen, Refine and Regain Body Tonality and Hydration)

Body Polishes or Scrubs made of Natural and Organic dissoluble combinations of Whole Organic Grains, Exotic Salts like Kosher Dead Sea, Himalayan Pink Mountain and Organic Sugars all mixed with Custom Organic Essential Oils and Tinctures. Don’t forget a DRY BRUSH!

Body Waters that Refresh, Dissolve and Balance = Hydrolates and Tea brews

Body Wraps of Tea Soaked Towels or Strips and Hot Linens and Towels

Body Skin Infusions of Custom Blended Organic Plant Oils

Body Additives of Organic AHA Tinctures, Extracts and Elixirs

Body Poultice & Hot Stones for Warm Oil Massaging and infusion

Body Yoga Breathing and warm mist infusion

Body Massage including Acupressure and Marma Point Deep Touch Release, Myofascial and Scalp Pressure Massage and traditional Body Work Massage

Those are the immediate potential therapy actions every day spa can do. If you need an expert, to help you design treatments, call Amrit Organic. Get the knowledge, learn and earn.

 Next a thorough Consult and customize the treatment for every client experience.

If your spa has a Wet and or Dry Sauna and a Meditation room incorporate them into a 1.25 to 1.50 Session (longer with a full massage). But you have the ability to create shorter treatment at comfortable pricing to encourage and grow participation. Know your Clients lives!

Now You’re Day Spa Menu: If you have Body treatments on your menu and they are rarely booked. Then change them, learn what works and follow that direction. It could be price, it could be the timing, it could be you client are not aware of them and their value and it could be staff is not talking about them!

We know these techniques can take years off the client’s body and erase facial and body visible stress, but more than that they rev the circulation quietly, trigger pain release, stimulate organic detox, hydrate and soften the skin and refresh the spirit and mind. Do they know this?

Here is an Example of the Anti-Aging Body Treatment (Ritual) that does all it all! You add in these steps the Correct Products and Modalities. Remember quality and target purpose is the IT factor.

  • Client Changes in Robe
  • Sits with Tea and Foot Bath During Consult & Part of Custom Plan.
  • Prep Client into the experience with Client action to Table Treatment
  • He or She will disrobe and dry brush themselves before lying on tummy.
  • Return to begin the customized service
  • Add into the service a Yoga Breathing Session with Essential Oils with a steamer while client is laying face up relaxing 3 mins.
  • If you add massage for any amount of time, add Hot Stones with long strokes, for the client to hold when face up!
  • Dry brush the client very lightly again before applying oils
  • End with a meditation session with relaxation and tea for 2mins before ending to change and leave.

Here at Amrit Organic we can guide you into offering your clients the finest products and creative steps to wellness and ageless beauty, with proven results. The key to successful treatment are the right products. It’s not just smell and flavor, its true wellness.

Our techniques and products are part of the Wellness Future of Day, Resort and Clinic Spas today. Questions call 847 823 1727.






Welcome to the heart of Our Initiative. The Red Cherry Group is driven by my passion to bring information to the forefront, push minds to build a solid spa community, reboot spa business actions & to continually keep all eyes on the future.  

The “call for action” today is Education first. From many spas, I hear, only take classes from their product manufacturer. Today, I give you the the permission to broaden your knowledge with a challenge.

Broadening your perception of what you already know has a multi-purpose, including what’s true, what’s new & what’s coming in the future.  Here are ways to attain this career lifestyle practice:

  • Invest in your self…it’s investing in your career!
  • Research from reliable resources …chose through investigation
  • Network with Other Professionals & Educators…pick brains

 Investing (UR $ for knowledge) in advanced education, gives you an edge with more senses to absorb information & the opportunity of meeting more professionals. Best avenues: Day & Medical Spa Industry Conferences, On-line Webinars (American Spa Mag offers them), Memberships in Local Chapter & National Association. Don’t overlook related Career Industries & Business Professional Memberships like: SBA, AM Spa Association, & ISPA ! Share new one’s you like & why, in a reply below!

Research from reliable sources! Yearly I read this report along with ISPA Yearly Survey Report. Tap on the Global Summit Image and get the PDF.  Never say never, you will find Past & Future Forecast Trends that you can take a portion or concept from & stimulate your staff & clients. My Future Concept Day & Med Spa Love is “Self Help Treatments & Home care” Think beyond stress relief, but of the symptoms: sleeplessness, agitation, nervousness, dull skin tone & sadness. Create Therapies Like The Better Lullaby Massage; a mix of heat & touch therapy that strengths better sleeping habits!…think Amrit Organic = indigenous medical preventative lifestyle Rituals…Spa perfect! Couldn’t help myself…think Wellness in a more self help way. BTY Self help is Touch Therapy Treatments!

Like Alice, meeting New People, was a bit awkward at first…but the ride & discovery was amazing. I have met the most passionate & wonderful professionals in every class I’ve attended & taught. I have learned from everyone of them & I have made Friends from all over the world. We are in the most sharing & caring industry. Ask my wonderful Associate, Friend & Salon Spa Owner Maria Sigman of Echo Chicago; Just back from New Orleans, attending a  two day business conference with people from all over the USA. Maria seeks every education opportunity she can find for herself & all her staff members.

Lastly, I want to add newsletters. They are a grass roots way of finding inspiration, new ideas, trusted past insights that come back & sometimes the most unique Medical & Day Spa offerings that must be investigated.

There is always more but this is the First of New Spa beginnings …never stop the search of knowledge!

If you have any questions please email me!