Amrit Organic Modern Body Theatment Massage Oils

Our Modern Therapy Collection has been designed from the Global Wellness Trends for 2001 as a result of the dramatic stresses of the past year.

Our needs have taken a turn to:

  • deeply soothing nerves and sadness
  • building strength through deeper internal meditation
  • clarification of the mind to aids in eliminating sleep depravation
  • detoxification of internal body system blocks causing weakness
  • cleansing visible and internal effects of stress and illness

These Modern Global Body Treatments can take your spa culture and services, into the newest wellness directives of Modern Botanical Therapy to International Aromatherapy and bring needed whole health demands into your offerings.

Here you will find the 6 types of wellness delivery treatments for stronger health and internal balance to meet the stress in our current lives..

In addition, these vital therapies you can send clients home with and teach them how to maintain benefits between deep therapy to meet their immediate needs and build loyalty.

Resetting our lives: Trends 2021

Sleep and Energy Quality is the true energy.  To be able to quiet the mind for a deep sleep refreshes internal and external energies. To stimulate the body's system function pushing out internal toxins and signal systems activity with a kick start, allows for internal actions to work more efficiently. This is one of the most critical lacking practice in life styles today.

Improve Flow, the body's energy accelerator. which which is so important to mind clarification and internal nerve strengthening. if body systems are clogged disease and depression in may levels begin and perpetuate poor health and mental challenges or even addiction.

Release Fatigue, a mental strengthener. For those over load times or for those that are feeling exhausted always. These formulas take the system down to peace and deep flushing to energizer the internal electricity and begin the healing processes. Energy is the result from a meditative approach and a gentle awakening.

Detox Clarification, healthy longevity. This is  the most important daily routine . Through healthy treatment and home care including a live food diet gives our minds the nutrition and intelligence and our bodies longevity. Body massage therapy and treatments of wraps with products that bring nutrition and movement are the first step to pain relief and maintenance. The benefits out weight more the. the system clarification.

Pain Control triggers vitality, out of pain and all to gain. Even minor pain is a sign of a continual health risk. But it can be holistically controlled with preventative pain relieving herbs and oils unless there are deeper health issues. These formulas address arthritis, sports strains, muscle cramps and pain from tension. They can be wonderful therapeutic wraps and massage the are first preventative and an awakening to a healthier life style. 

Earthly Body and Mind, induces harmony. a joyful leap in spirit, a calmness in body muscles, sensual journey to heal within and the awakening of health. Modern Rituals directly connect with the needs of whole wellness of the mind attitude, body language and health.