About The Red Cherry Group

It's time to learn about who we are!  Since 2007 The Red Cherry Group stands apart from other Organic and Natural professional brands for the spa and beauty industries because of its cohesive and strict philosophy of superior quality, integrity and performance. We work with passion and concern for the future of holistic wellness, green beauty and health promoting practices.

Our Professional and Retail Collection Formulas combine timeless alternative global medical rituals and  health practices and  Western Health and Wellness through whole health botanical research and treatments.

We  formulate for diseases and chronic body and skin issues to aid  Mind, Body and Spirit Pain and Stress which impacts the entire body daily.

Our Dedication to Sustainability: 

  • Manufacture, with a green conscience, using glass and stainless materials
  • Recycle Responsibly, everything including: dry cardboard, packing materials, plastic and wooden palettes
  • Paper Conservative, through email communication and documentation Docs. and PDF electronic transfers,  but will ship paper information by request
  • Product Packing is glass or hard recyclable plastic
  • Labels are biodegradable and washable
  • Samples Packaging is recyclable hard plastic and glass.

Ingredients and Integrity:

  • No synthetics, toxins or compounded chemicals
  • No Stabilizers, Emulsifiers, Alcohols, or Preservatives
  • No Fragrances or unnecessary Aromas or industry Flavors
  • Certified Organic Plant Materials (ingredients)
  • Natural Botanical Organic Harvested (ingredients)
  • Organic Cold Press
  • Organic Distillation
  • Organic Dried and Ground

Formulation and Production:   Made in the USA  

      The Red Cherry Group (AKA) Red Cherry Certified Organic Lab offers three Organic and Natural Botanical Spa Brands
      Amrit Organic, Raw Skin Care and Spa Specific Collections
      They are our passion, to build wellness in the world today through the practices of Spa, and provide the finest products for the many Professionals that dedicate their lives to wellness and beauty.


       Have Questions? Need Help? or Need Guides you dont see?

      • Email us at www.info@redcherrygroup.com
      • Call Direct at 847 823 1727

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