Dry Skin 3 PC. Organic Oil Collection
Amrit Organic

Dry Skin 3 PC. Organic Oil Collection

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Our Dry Skin Professional Oil Collection includes 3/ 8oz. oils: they are Center Massage Oils for Face and Body that are all unscented and first press Virgin Organic Oils. They can be blended with or without aromatherapy, and can be blended together for more benefits that aid and compliment all conditioning goals.

Amrit Organic Signature Organic Blend of Sunflower, Extra Virgin Olive and Golden Jojoba Oils. This is a Complete Wellness Blend with amazing properties. It is a mid weight oil formulated to meet everyone's skin needs including Omegas, Anti-Oxidants, Polyphenols and Hydroxytyrasols (preventing oxidation of keratin the protein essential for healthy supple skin,  and lustrous hair and strong nails)

Amrit Organic Avocado Oil is anti-wrinkle with additional properties for whole skin nutrition of Omegas and Vitamins while being wonderfully hydrating. It is also acidic, which aids in dead skin removal and stimulating the skin ability to increase hydration. This oil is very green and light weight. Perfect for combining with Jojoba for Sensitive skins and Sesame for acne skins

Amrit Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ant-aging with properties to build anti-wrinkle defenses and strengthening the skin against keratosis. It supplements the skin with emollient nutrient supplements, including vitamin E and anti-inflammatory agents. EVO is fuller in weight then Our Signature, but still not a heavy weight oil, making it perfect for skin penetration and conditioning.


Each in a 4oz. Bottle with Dropper


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