Professional Facial Massage OIls

Amrit Organic created and offers Facial Oils for the very purpose to turn the foundation of your facials from common to 100% skin condition specific.

  • Each Oil is Certified Organic and available in 8 oz. and 2 oz. Sizes.
  • Choose according to your demographics 
  • Choose for the skin nutrients, you want your clients to have
  • Blend them 
  • Add Essential Oils
  • Custom Blend Mask Serums 

They are coordinated with Raw Skin Care Collections and most Spa Facial Brands.

We know that 95% of Spas and independent estheticians use one basic plant oil or a common fractured oil. Fractured means processed: bleach or clarify, heated or exposed to freezing temperatures, and the addition of Color and Fragrance. All of our Certified Organic Plant Oils are cold pressed and never enhanced with toxins.

We recommend having Facial Oils that meet your skin care clients demographics or have them all.   You can seasonal for skin conditions also. Each oil is Available in an 8 oz, 4oz, and 2oz.. These sizes are perfect for having specialized and even refillable bottles on hand. Check our Ritual and Guides page for more blending and recommended Facial Oil Recipes.