Global Body Treatments

Embrace the wonderful world of Body Wellness Practices. They  instill strength and support longevity, ease for mobility and aid in releasing pain, cleansing detoxification and Chakra Balancing, opening the breath and unwinding clusters of stress, and stimulate body system performance for a healthier and more beautiful life. 

In these Collection Practices you will find intriguing aromas and herbal blends that all lead to beauty . Global treatments from India, Indonesia, Thailand, North American Indian, and Hawaiian. All of these practices have serious wellness purposes but all focus on the end result of being a beautiful being of Clear Mind, a Stronger body and a Joyful Spirit.

For Spa Body each Treatment Product has multiple uses for creating Wellness Services including: Full Body Scrub, Wrap and Massage, Target Body Treatments Scrub, Heated Mask layering and Massage for back, legs, shoulders, arms.(which are excellent for pain and sports injuries), Massage target deep tissue upgrades.

For Spa Facials add Back, Feet and Hand scrubs and or wraps for pain, relaxing and balancing add-on treatments.

If you'd like to speak with us email and set up a phone meeting or just call  847 823 1727, we would love to help you design and decide.

 Wellness is Rich in Ancient Global Rituals for Health, Peace of Mind and Longivity