Rest To Recharge
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Rest To Recharge

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Rest to Recharge  promotes Sleep and Energy Quality. This is the nature to true energy.  Truly a wonderful treatment to quiet the mind for a deep sleep, while it refreshes internal and external energies. To maintain great energy it's important to stimulate the body's system function pushing out internal toxins and signal systems activity with a kick start, allows for internal actions to work more efficiently. This is one of the most critical lacking practices in modern society. Offering this one treatment can bring more client harmony and balance to your career.


Herbal Combination soothing to the point to a peaceful calming while the benefits of Vitamins (B6 and V C) and Potassium rich Mineral supplements for luster lacking skin, easier warm body movements and flow and refreshing the senses gently.

Massage Oil

Featured Ingredients: Organic Blu Chamomile oil and powder, Organic Plantain,

Body Salts/ Exfoliation

Ingredients: Organic Blu and Roman Chamomile oils, natural Sea Salt and Organic Sugar

Body Clay Mask

Ingredients:  Natural Bentonite Clay, Organic Chamomile (finely ground) Powder, Organic Plantain Powder (finely ground)

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