Bio- Active Botanical Treatment Oil and Serums

Bio - Active Botanicals (phyo-chemicals) are plant-based natural and organic  compounds produced by plants for their health, growth and protection.

These are unique Bio- Active Chemicals derived from and in Plants. They  exhibit anticancer, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and healing action.

For 24 Years we have been offering products with these properties and Happy to now Categorize them in the modern esthetic practice

The Vitals is an Organic Collection of Water Based Boosting serums action directly focuses on the spectrum of Bio- Active Phyto-Chemical repair, clarifying and healing specifics skin issues in the most natural and supplemental way.that combat breakouts to replenishing vital nutrients lost.

The Vitals Collection does this through super fruits, Botanical Florals and Vegetable and Sea and Fresh water Plants. 

Kmeria Glisse Collection is a Bio-Active Organic Botanical oil with the action that directly focuses on repairing and healing the skin's broken barrier with additional of benefits of anti-aging for the purpose for calm and beautiful results.