Spa Nail Collection

Spa Specifics Professional Hand and Foot Collection off the professional and their businesses for the nail treatment products with no, color, no fragrance, no toxic chemicals and known toxins, and no preservatives or synthetically processed naturals. 

Spa Specific Nail treatments are “Beauty on Contact”.

It means the moment you soak, hydrate or apply any of these rich balancing Organic Professional and Retail Products, you will visually see improvement including:

  • Skin that looks brighter,
  • Grey tones turn to healthy pink
  • Skin Texture is soft and radiant
  • Nails look and feel hydrated, thicker, and stronger,
  • The whites of nail tips become whiter
  • Cuticles are more manageable and less ragged 
  • Circulation and mobility increases from the aromatherapy and plant properties chosen