Carrot Seed Naturelle EO
Carrot Seed Naturelle EO
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Carrot Seed Naturelle EO

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Carrot Seed Naturelle Essential Oil (Daucus Carota) is used primarily for skin health.  It has therapeutic value, with the ability to improve mature and damaged skin from smoking, poor eating habits, Vitamin A deficiency, visible sallow skin and skin that look generally dry.

Carrot Seed Naturelle oil contains beta carotene a rich antioxidant, which is vital in fending off skin-damaging free radicals found in everything from polluted air to the sun's rays.

The Aroma: is green as in earthy, but blends well with most other essential oils, adding wonderful properties for maximum treatment results.

Carrot Seed Naturelle Essential Oil  is perfect for all skin treatments and wraps when you  want to add the health factor. It will bring rosiness to dull dry skin, smokers skin and works immediately to supplement the skin.

Physical Properties:  it is great for mature skin, eczema, for toxin build up, vitamin deficient looking skins, smokers and those on prescription drugs.

Mind Body Spirit properties -releases mind stress and brings health and beauty

We get our Essential Oils from the finest free trade and sustainable organic farms across the globe.

Our Carrot Seed Naturelle is from France. Carrot Seed originated from the Himalaya. It was brought through the Silk Road to all over the Middle East and then on to the rest of the world and used for medicine and food. Carrot is as most valuable root vegetable on earth because it is eaten, treated with externally and can grow most every where. 

Essential Oil Blending for Face and Body 

For sallow smokers: Amrit Organic Signature + Extra Virgin Olive Oil/ carrot seed, lavender, palma rosa, grapefruit pink

For rebuilding after trauma: Amrit Organic Jojoba + Extra Virgin Olive + , Avocado OIL / bergamot, citronella, lemongrass, carrot seed

For anti-aging: Amrit Organic Signature Blend- patchouli, bergamot, carrot seed, palma rosa 

Find our Aromatherapy Bar Guides in the Ritual and Guides Links.  here you will find more ways to blend and treatments to offer.

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