Cinnamon Organic EO
Cinnamon Organic EO
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Cinnamon Organic EO

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Cinnamon Organic Essential Oil (Cinnamomum verum) is yummy, aromatic, stimulating, and very attractive and pleasing in foods and treatments. Many are not aware of its anti-aging secrets, but in Indonesia it is a staple for staying youthful and strong.

Cinnamon Organic Essential Oil is anti-aging, because it stimulates the blood and cells to be actively regenerating and a wonderful digestive toxin flushing ingredient. It is also excellent to revive nerves and their sluggish repair from inflammatory diseases like arthritis and rheumatism.

Aroma is warm, spicy, sweet and fragrant especially, when its blended with clove or rosemary. Its scent almost seems golden and slightly heavy but excellent where weight is needed in blending.

Physical Properties include: a cellular and sensory energy, encourages appetite, and increases circulation.

Mind Body Spirit properties bring calming and joyful memories and awaken the body to replenish.

We get our Essential Oils from the finest free trade and sustainable organic farms across the globe.

Our Cinnamon Organic Essential Oil comes from Sri-Lanka Free trade organic farms.  Its history goes back to 2000 years ago in ancient Egypt, and migrated East. It was noticeably very expensive and used in food for its culinary magic including seasoning on meats and and sweets to other herbal blends. Cinnamon is used in Ayurvedic medicine for it's ant-aging benefits, general body strength and health building.

Essential Oil Blending for Face and Body 

For sallow thin skin: Amrit Organic Signature OIL, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemone

For internal warmth: Amrit Organic Virgin Olive + Avocado OIL, lemongrass, , ginger, cinnamon, clove 

For anti-aging: Amrit Organic Signature Blend- patchouli, cinnamon, citronella, lemone.

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