Sage Clary Organic EO
Sage Clary Organic EO
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Sage Clary Organic EO

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Sage Clary Organic Essential Oil (Salvia sclarea) or most commonly know as Clary sage is popular in the realm of feminine health issues. Its know for it earth power to ground and ease a mental state of intense stress. It has a wide variety of uses where stress is involved but generally always relating to emotional pressures.

Aroma is very earthy with floral dusty smell, making it perfect to blend with bergamot, petite-grain, lavender, and mint to wet the aroma and give it a balanced appeal.

Sage Clary Organic Essential Oil is the perfect Third Eye Chakra for balancing. Its known for its sedative abilities to relax, clarify, and calm the mind including aiding anxiety, and irritability. It is also known to stimulate libido in both men and women.

Physical Properties: sedative, grounding, quiets internal over load and arrests the nervous system.

Mind Body Spirit properties, for the mind it induces freedom and balance, for the body it calms internal stress and creates better flow and for the spirit it bring peace.

We get our Essential Oils from the finest free trade and sustainable organic farms across the globe.

Our Sage Clary Organic Essential Oil comes from France; Free trade and organic farms. Sage Clary gets its name from the Latin word “clarus,” meaning “clarifying, Historically, the seeds of this plant were uses medicinally for eyes and improving vision. Today Sage Clary is used widely from personal care to cosmetics, in Day Spa and in  apothecaries.

Essential Oil Blending for Face and Body 

For acne sores:  Amrit Organic Jojoba OIL, rosemary, lavender, sage clary, lemone

For stress: Amrit Organic Signature OIL, lavender , mint, sage clary, sweet orange

For chills: Amrit Organic Signature OIL, ginger, sage clary, lemongrass. ylang.

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