Clove Organic EO
Clove Organic EO
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Clove Organic EO

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Clove Bud Organic Essential Oil (Syzygium  aromaticumis very helpful for creating blends to aid the relief of pain. It has powerful anti-microbial properties. NOTE: it can not kill all forms of viral, bacterial and microbes, but it aids in blends with the intent of fighting infection. In Ayurveda, Clove is used for body and face for health, beauty and youth. Its anti-aging effects stimulate important skin cellular support and cleanses out impurities.

Aroma possesses a strong, warm, spicy effect that blends well with other spicy and strong essential oils  Excellent in blends with citrus, wood and florals. 

Clove Bud Organic Essential Oil  can add warmth in aroma, turning any wrap  into a more soothing anti-chill service. Try a drop in Amrit Organic Signature with Orange Sweet on to a warm moist towel and place on the neck, it will relax the client and warm the senses. Use clove for an additional pain aid, cold and winter body ailment aid and in a spicy winter body wrap with your favorite Holiday aromas and create healing seasonal treatments. Clove has anti-aging benefits to increase skins internal cellular strength systems and is perfect to add in masks and blending mask serums. Clove is a strong oil, meaning caution using very small amount is highly recommended.

Physical Properties: spicy, stimulating, warmth, vascular and dominant.

Mind Body Spirit properties, for the mind it can add a feeling of comfort and creativity and it will soothe the body and spirit with joyful warmth.

We get our Essential Oils from the finest free trade and sustainable organic farms across the globe.

Our Clove Bud Organic Essential Oil comes from Sir Lanka free trade and organic farms. It is believed to be indigenous to the Moluccas, or Spice Islands, of Indonesia. Like Mace and Nutmeg it became an important spice in global trading enterprises, moving around the globe. It was mainly used as an analgesic and medicine for types of influenza and dentistry and then became part of exotic food cuisines. Today it is used in foods, baking, soaps, candles and candies.

Essential Oil Blending for Face and Body 

For anti-aging: Amrit Organic Avocado + Extra Virgin Olive OIL, clove, any citrus and or florals

For congestion: Amrit Organic Signature OIL, lavender , mint,  rosemary

For pain: Amrit Organic Signature Oil, ginger, clove, juniper berry

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