De' Lime & De' Coconut Holiday Resort Collection
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De' Lime & De' Coconut Holiday Resort Collection

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De' Lime & De' Coconut Collection is all out "let the Sun Burst over us with Health and Color"

De' Lime & De' Coconut Hand, Foot and Nail Treatment is refreshing, delightful and so citrus. Loaded with C the super fruit power of the age-less beauty. This formula is aroma wonderful, sweet and juicy and it brightens the skin and nail with regular treatment.  Serve you spa water with a slice of lime and even add 1/3 fruit juice to the spa water to create an amazing treatment. 

De' Lime & De' Coconut Body Massage Oil brings hydration like a drink of refreshing water to dry dull skin. Add the salts for a body scrub and spray with the hydrosol as you massage-scrub and finish with a massage or gentle body oil massage application.. The results are extraordinary; it's like no other body treatment you have ever experienced.


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