Complete Balance Step 2 Pro Toner 4oz.
Complete Balance Step 2 Pro Toner 4oz.
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Complete Balance Step 2 Pro Toner 4oz.

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Complete Balance Organic Toner of Lavender relaxes and balances the skin’s Ph. Ideal for oily and combination skin to purify and cool minor burns, rashes, and hot spots.  It is mentally refreshing and marvelous on the emotions, an excellent aid for skin stress, blemish control, anti-aging sensitivity and irritations. A natural, after microdermabrasion and laser treatments to cool and replenish lost moisture because it is water soluble.

Complete Balance Organic Toner of Lavender is perfect for skin with a shiny T-zone and active oiliness and flaky areas. This skin feels dry yet often creates occasional breakouts if not maintained. Lavender is naturally astringent and antiseptic, so no alcohols are mixed in. 

Experience: Instant cooling hydration, balanced pH to calm oiliness, while minimizing dryness and leaving the skin feeling calm, comfortable, and ready for Organic Serum .


Complete Balance  Toner (Hydrosol ) Ingredients: Lavender Hydrosol ( Lavender officianalis/Lavandula angustifolia )

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Raw Skin Care Toners are Pure Organic Hydrosol (Hydrolats / Distillates) colloidal suspension in water, simply meaning an aromatic water with therapeutic properties. Our Beautiful Herbal Waters come from the Highest Rated Certified Organic Farm and Distillery in WA.. Grown and Distilled in the USA. 

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