Emerald Organic Step 3 Pro Toner 4oz
Emerald Organic Step 3 Pro Toner 4oz
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Emerald Organic Step 3 Pro Toner 4oz

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Emerald Organic Toner is a co-blend of Cucumber organic Hydrosol and organic Lime hydrosol and it is amazing. Cucumber provides a soothing anti-inflammatory and healing effect on the skin while anti-aging Lime promotes pH balancing and tightening of the skin while stimulating circulation and rejuvenating.

Emerald Organic Hydrosol Co-Blended Toner is pure anti-aging. mildly acidic, anti- irritant and purifying. It is perfect for all skin and second choice for Acne Skins to purify and kill bacteria. 

 A natural, after microdermabrasion and laser treatments to cool and replenish lost moisture because it is water soluble.


Emerald Organic Toner (Hydrosol ) Ingredients: Organic Cucumber Hydrosol (Cucumis sativus), Organic Lime Hydrosol (Citrus latifolia "Bearrs").

Available in a 16oz. Refill / Value$72.00 Price $52.00

Raw Skin Care Toners are Pure Organic Hydrosol ( Hydrolates or Distillates) colloidal suspension in water, simply meaning an aromatic water with therapeutic properties. Our beautiful Herbal Waters come from the Highest rated Certified Organic Farm and distillery in WA.. Grown and Distilled in the USA. 

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