Emerald Organic Step 5 Pro Nutri Vedic Mask
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Emerald Organic Step 5 Pro Nutri Vedic Mask

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Emerald Nutri-Vedic Mask  is formulated with beautiful organic Ayurveda Vedic herbs. These herbs assist in the peel process by calming, detoxifying, nourishing, and feeding the skin with trace minerals. They also importantly aid in the management of post-peel stress.  Anti-oxidant plant powders help fight aging and have a toning and firming effect. This Ayurveda Blend is know for longevity and strength.

Emerald Nutri Vedic Smoother (found in the Nutri Vedic and Mask Collection) is a pre-smoother to the AHA and serum to maximize a deeper peel with consistency and stimulate debris removal easier and efficiently. Ir makes the perfect Gommage or wet manual scrub.. Read about its place in the Emerald peel Spa Facial in Rituals and guides.

Emerald Nutri Vedic Mask Ingredients: Echinacea - Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, stimulates cell growth and fight infection, Aloe Vera Leaf Powder - Anti- inflammatory, soothing, anti-aging with polyphenols, Ashwaganda –strong adaptogenic properties strengthen against daily stress, and nourishing tissue, Haritaki - Detoxifies, nourishes and rejuvenates skin, Brahmi Leaf Powder - Stimulates collagen, cools, energizes, promotes clear skin and relaxes, Bentonite Clay - Full of minerals and healing, French Green Clay - Detoxifies, absorbs impurities and excess oils, anti-inflammatory and toning

The purpose for dry masks and smoothers:

  • Freshness and Elimination of Cross Contamination
  • Eliminating Toxic and Inert Chemicals and Preservatives
  • No Color or fragrance
  • Ability to have high quality Herbs and Clays without compromise. 

Our dry smoothers and masks can be customized with the Collection's Hydrosol or another of Our Hydrosols toner and a chosen Amrit Organic oil. You will love the ease and performance.

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