Etara Sensuous Organic Oil
Etara Sensuous Organic Oil
Amrit Organic

Etara Sensuous Organic Oil

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Etara is the ritual of capturing the senses back to peace and beauty and means to awaken the internal awareness of self healing and attractive self worth.This therapy has many uses like  for a special day and preparing for a special occasion and event in life or for renewing your senses to feeling and reassuring the beauty inside,

Etara Organic Ayurveda Oil is excellent to use alone for a sensuous Massage and mixing the Etara Body Scrub and Mask. For the perfect Etara Ritual, it is important for warmth and we recommend warmth in the most convenient way for all your body rituals.

Etara Body Treatment Ritual
Mix Etara Oil with Etara Mask Powder in to a wet mask and apply after dry brushing. Excellent with a steamer, hot linen towels and target heat packs.

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