Face C Anti-aging and Brightening Creme
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Face C Anti-aging and Brightening Creme

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Organic Face C- Creme

This new formula has all the texture of creaminess and better absorption. Additions include: the extraordinary benefit of Organic Virgin Cranberry Seed Oil for minimizing lines and softening thin dry tissue, plus the rich properties of the vital antioxidants that prevent environmental stressors and Organic Raspberry seed for its ability to create a lipid barrier that stops the loss of moisture with the benefits of nourishing vitamins.


Our Base also includes Organic Sweet Orange, Organic Mandarin Orange, Organic Lime and Organic Lemon Cold Pressed Fruit Oils in bringing  the superpowers of concentrated Raw Vitamin C for repair, restoration and less to no irritation, and never leaving out the properties we all love of purifying astringent and skin brightening effects of diminishing darkness.

Lastly we must we added in addition to all the super fruits + Palma Rosa!

We added Organic Palma Rosa to Face C because of its powerful anti-aging properties. Palma Rosa balances skin sebum even for dry skin because it encourages the production of sebum keeping the skin protected and soft with its own natural hydrating sebum. It is anti-bacterial, and excellent for all skins, even those with acne, plus Organic Palma Rosa contains antioxidants to fight the skin’s visible stress effects from the sun

Aroma is divine and subtle.

Organic Ingredients: unscented plant oils of coconut and palm fruit, cranberry seed oil, raspberry oil, extracts of sweet orange, lime, mandarin orange and lemone and palma rosa

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