Golden Nourishment Step 1 Pro Cleanser
Golden Nourishment Step 1 Pro Cleanser
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Golden Nourishment Step 1 Pro Cleanser

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Golden Nourishment Collection is rejuvenating for normal, dry and slightly dry skin. It can be used by managed Combo skins for anti-aging and sun exposed skins, and when slightly oily skin is balanced. It's perfect for all skins just starting to see visible lines, wrinkles and sagging wanting a deep conditioning and anti-aging regime that supports the cellular activity from slowing down.

Golden Nourishment Facial treatment is as refreshing as it is perfectly formulated to deeply cleanses, purifies and removes debris. You will see the dramatic difference of therapy-infused essential plant extract properties that calm abd purify for all the various stages in the aging process. It's aromatherapy formulation incorporates the ancient use of spicy herbs to stimulate cellular activity, bring dull skin back to radiance without shine and give sluggish skin's a rebirth to youthfulness. This Collection's Spicy and delightful aroma is perfect for awakening the clients spirit while unwinding skin's internal stress..

Experience the finest in Anti- Aging Defense. This collection is rich in super anti-aging and reinforces strength and resilience preserving essential nutrients.

Golden Nourishment Cleanser not just awakens the senses but it feels invigorating without any irritation. It deeply cleanses and is fortified with lemon balm extracts and hydrosol ( Melissa-Melissa officinalis ). Lemon Balm is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. This extract is excellent for anti-aging because is relieves stressed skin by improving its energy. 

Highly recommended for any skin that desires anti-aging defense for strength and resilience to aging factors.

Not recommended for Acne of any kind, and where chronic sensitivity is apparent. Oily skins can benefit from the facial and retail pieces of Golden Nourishment with a target Collection to suit their skin care needs. 

Full Ingredients:  Lemon Balm Hydrosol (Melissa officinalis) Virgin Glycerin (Org. Glycerin), Saponified Water, Org. Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Org. Sunflower Oil (Helianthus annuus), Org. Castor Oil (Ricinus communis), Organic Citric acid (Citric Acid), Organic Rosemary Extract (Rosmarinus) and Organic Geranium Rose Hydrosol (Org.Hydrolate),

This cleanser has no detergent, toxins, preservatives, no hormone disrupting chemicals or synthetic ingredients or fragrance, and no color.

We formulate with simplicity for health and wellness.

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