Golden Nourishment Step 2 Pro Toner 4oz.
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Golden Nourishment Step 2 Pro Toner 4oz.

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Golden Nourishment Organic Toner of Organic Lemon Balm is the most refreshing and rejuvenating mist. It is known for its organic anti-aging and health nutrition properties making it perfect for all skins. Lemon Balm is also known for its calming effects on mental stress and fatigue. This lovely hydrosol is also beneficial for herpes, cold sores, eczema, and general skin irritations aiding in infection control that leads to calming and anti-aging strength, faster healing, warding off pollution and environment impact including rejuvenation against sun damage.

Golden Nourishment Organic Toner is a perfect preventative and corrective anti-aging therapy,

Excellent for the first signs of visible lines, wrinkles, and loss of elastin or hormonal changes. Lemon balm is revved up for anti-aging and is the perfect match to the Golden Nourishment Collection.

 Experience: Hydration, refreshment, Cellular energy stimulation without feeling any irritation, calm AHA harshness without stopping the refinement, and it also encourages the skin to quickly heal itself.

Full Ingredient:

100% Organic Lemon balm (Organic Lemon balm Distillate Hydrosol)

We believe toners should be healing and have greater a purpose.

This Toner is Alcohol-free, chemical-free, fragrance free, color free and will not dry out delicate skin.

Raw Skin Care Toners are Pure Organic Hydrosol (Hydrolates or Distillates) colloidal suspension in water, simply meaning an aromatic water with therapeutic properties. Our beautiful Herbal Waters come from the Highest rated Certified Organic Farm and distillery in WA.. Grown and Distilled in the USA. 

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