Golden Organic Unscented Body Oils
Golden Organic Unscented Body Oils
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Golden Organic Unscented Body Oils

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For the most sensitive to the most dry Amrit Organic Massage and Conditioning Body Oil super pass the quality, nourishment and property values of all other oils in the global markets today. Why are they so high in value? It's because of our higher then normal standards for farms and production, we demand. We look for how green, pure and organic each phase is and pattern them after our own business programs to serve only the finest to you.

These single plant organic oils are wonderful for their own active properties and perfect for essential oil additions. You can customize for your clients and list the added ingredients or offering them straight for all the wonderful properties they each have.

 Our Beautiful Unscented Organic Body Oils for your Retail:

Amrit Organic Signature Unscented Organic Massage Oil Body Blend: a special blend of Sunflower, Jojoba, Extra Virgin Olive oils for complete wellness: healing, calming, anti-inflammatory, reconditioning, anti-aging, fortifying to promote healthy skin, hair & nails.

Avocado Organic Virgin Body Oil: high in vitamins A and E. It is rich in squalene (natural plant steroids) and strengthens and purifies skin. It has an outstanding hydration effect aiding very dry skin especially when blended with Organic Extra Virgin Jojoba

Jojoba Organic Virgin Golden Body Oil: the closest oil to human sebum. its properties balance skin’s oil production and softens, smooths and reduces fine lines. It is rich in vitamin E, C and B Complex and its nutritional values strengthen skin defenses

Extra Virgin Olive Organic Body Oil: is perfect when deep dryness repair is needed. Its rich in polyphenols (superior antioxidants) and hydroxytyrasols (prevents oxidation of keratin), Keratin is the protein essential to healthy supple skin, lustrous hair, and strong nails

Sunflower Organic Golden Body Oil: is higher in vitamin E then any other oil. it supplements skin nutrition with and high amounts of antioxidants of omega 9 and linoleic acid-omega 6. It promotes anti-dryness and repair to sensitive skin tissue and excellent for allergy prone skins

Check out our Safflower and Sesame Organic massage oils too, for your massage needs.

Get your clients off of man made oils and cremes and teach your client what the benefits and uses these precious plant oils can do for their needs and dont forget daily application and bathing and showering with them improve skins strength and defense while textures and color improve to beauty!

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