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Litsea Cubeba Organic NEW

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Litsea Cubeba Organic (Listea cubeba) or better known in the USA as May Change. This precious is the Chinese peppermint aromatic anti-aging essential oil plant. It is harvested in jungle like areas of Japan and Taiwan as well. It is popular for it's light and spicy aroma.

Aroma: a light spicy mint warmth with an easy blending attitude. It's compares to the aromas like lemongrass and lemon verbena

Physical Properties: it is a small plant found in tropical areas. Easy to distill and use with other essential oils. Its a sweet gentle note for adding a citrus mint warmth and anti-aging.

Mint-Body Spirit: Joy and brightness. Ma Chang is excellent to refresh and calm, revive dull skin and heal astringently. leave the skin brighter, moisturized and better in color.

Blending Matches:

Mints of any kind Peppermint, Spearmint or Winter Mint

Citrus of any kind Lemone, Lime, Orange Grapefruit

When ever you want to add a hint of warm citrus-mint and anti-aging propertied.


We get our Essential Oils from the finest free trade and sustainable organic farms across the globe. 

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