Nutri Fruits Lightening Mask
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Nutri Fruits Lightening Mask

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Nutri Fruits Lightening Mask is part of our Super Fruit and Super Herbal Ingredients Masks.

Nutri Fruits Lightening and Clarifying Mask powerfully brightens, clarifies, eliminates dull grey tone and soothes redness and heals skin. Perfect for Specific skin challenged skins types more often for combating challenges and great  for every skin for a seasonal brightening.  

Nutri Fruits Lightening and Clarifying Mask

  • Aids in breaking up congestion
  • Softens and refines skin's surface
  • Stimulates the  purifying vessel factors for better circulation and skin feeding nutrients to flow
  • Aids in relieving acne inflammation wonderfully

The skin is brighter with health and the tone is balanced, eliminating yellow and grey discoloration from dry, acne and discolored skins that tend to be effected by seasons and stress. 

 Nutri Fruits Lightening and Clarifying Mask actions are anti-aging and healing the pure organic active ingredient. 

  • Hibiscus with Anti-oxidant and AHA acid properties,
  • Cranberry with anti-bacterial and super food nutrients
  • Fullers Clay to super refine and brighten 
  • Bentonite Clay for its Rich Trace mineral content

Nutri Fruits Lightening and Clarifying Mask Ingredients: Natural Bentonite, Natural Fuller’s Clay, Organic. Cranberry, Organic, Hibiscus  

 Looking for how to use and more Information? We got you covered in the Ritual Guide

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