Orange Sweet Organic EO 1 oz.
Orange Sweet Organic EO 1 oz.
Amrit Organic

Orange Sweet Organic EO 1 oz.

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Organic Orange Sweet or Sweet orange is delightful, outstanding spirited and citrus at it best.

The Aroma:  it's aroma is delicious and temps the appetite, but is also induces the feeling of refreshment, wetness, uplifting the mood and spirit and easily opening the breath.

Orange Sweet organic essential oil is perfect for any season. In blending any where you want to add the benefit of VC, blends well with other citruses and aromatherapy oils that have a hint of a citrus smell like Bergamot and adds to lighten up any deep relaxing or muscle relief combination. We love it for facial oil infusion, wrist dabbing and foot soaks. Making a Facial serums for under masks is amazing. Try this serum for oily skin use acidic Amrit Organic Avocado Oil 6 drops with a drop or 2 drops of Jojoba and Blend in Orange sweet, Lime, Bergamot and Lemone and see the skins joy and purity after removing any of our Nutra Vedic Raw Skin Care Masks, especially Youth Strength.  

Physical Properties: soothing, regenerative, stimulating & improves circulation, antiseptic and astringent, cleansing and purifying and brighten skin tone and lightly hydrates

Mind Body Spirit properties:  relaxing, stimulating, balancing, , jay and happiness, refreshing and wet-yet dry, and a general feeling of being alive.

We get our Essential Oils from the finest free trade and sustainable organic farms across the globe. Our Orange Sweet Essential Oil come from various states in the USA and all have to meet our standard of organic excellence. We actually have to strain our citrus EO from cold press. That's how beautifully nutritious they are. Orange Sweet is used in House Hold to Cosmetics. Its absolutely wonderfully effective in our Raw Skin Care C Skin products for lighting, toning and stimulating collagen.

Essential Oil Blending for Face and Body: 

For energy: Amrit Organic Signature Oil orange sweet, lemon grass and peppermint

For deep breathing: Amrit Signature Oil Orange sweet, winter green, peppermint and fir needle

For revitalization and joy: Amrit Organic Signature Oil Lemongrass, orange sweet, and lavender

Find our Aromatherapy Bar Guides in the Ritual and Guides Links.  here you will find more ways to blend and treatments to offer.

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