Organic Retail Plant Milled Scrubs
Organic Retail Plant Milled Scrubs
Organic Retail Plant Milled Scrubs
Organic Retail Plant Milled Scrubs
Organic Retail Plant Milled Scrubs
Organic Retail Plant Milled Scrubs
Organic Retail Plant Milled Scrubs
Organic Retail Plant Milled Scrubs
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Organic Retail Plant Milled Scrubs

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Our Collection organic plant scrubs are everyday exfoliating milled grains, essential dry organic plant herbs and botanicals and clays,  They are so gentle and effective they can be used every day or a few times per week without the harsh effects of bead or ground seed.

Benefits to teach:

  • No harsh exfoliating grains make your skin smooth without the irritation
  • Dual purpose saves time or leave on for 10 minutes after using as a scrub
  • Natural green & kaolin clays help to lift and firm the skin
  • If left on as a mask it give added firming anti-aging effect.
  • Gentle scrubbing action enhances circulation in the skin to give you a healthy glow

How to use is simple :

Cleanse and Scrub option:  Shake a small amount of  Organic Scrub into palm of hand and mix with 1 pump of Organic Cleanser. Massage on the face using gentle circular motions for 1-2 minutes. Rinse with warm water & pat dry. Spritz skin with Organic Toner.

Mask Option:  After using scrub as directed above leave on the skin for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with warm water & pat dry. Spritz skin with Organic Toner.

Scrub retail Collections:

Purity Nourishment Organic.45oz. Smoother is the most gentle and effective daily scrub for oily and acne skins including breakout types with blackheads, whiteheads, breakouts, redness, inflammation and clogged pores.  Purifying Organic Calendula is wonderful for its anti-bacterial strength, Lemon balm for anti-viral healing and Rosemary for continual cleansing and hydration. These plants make this scrub universal for problematic skin which also needs soothing touch and healing. Purity Nourishment Organic Smoother can be used daily for active challenged skins that feel the buildup of debris, oil and stress. Skins that have open, broken or inflamed patches and blemishes should not scrub or deeply exfoliate, but can mask with this creamy smoother and rinse with warm not hot water to help heal and relieve skins distress.  

Complete Balance Organic .45oz. Smoother is a facial scrub to smooth away dead flaky skin while deeply loosening debris and toxins. It combines organic herbs of Patchouli to purify and Lavender to cleans and strengthen.The perfect scrub for combination and oily skins with occasion breakouts without irritation. Complete Balance Organic Smoother can be used daily, weekly or as desired for a gentle exfoliation. It creates Cellular stimulation without the effects of a harsh beads, ground seeds or synthetic materials. It has a dual purpose by Whipping it into a mask texture that you can leave on for 2-5 minutes after scrubbing and warmly rinse off.


Perfect Comfort Organic .45oz. Smoother is the most comforting scrub for dry to sensitive skins. It’s especially made for tender, dry and flaky skins that might even have a little shine but are so fragile to cold environments and seasonal changes. It’s organic plant herbs of Palma Rose for anti-aging and healing and Lavender to clean and strengthen add to the rejuvenation of dryness into a more active protective skin. Perfect Comfort Organic .45oz. Smoother is different than any other scrub. Most scrubs are not suitable for dry skin types on a daily basis or just too messy to use. This is a smoother that lifts off dead skin while soothing tender skin. You can even simply add some to your Perfect Comfort Organic Cleanser to find another quick way to smooth and cleanse skin all in one step!

Golden Nourishment Organic .45oz. Smoother is pure anti-aging with all the most beloved cellular driving herbs known. All skin types will benefit from this smoother except hyper-sensitive and acne. Can be used between all the Cosmeceutical products and treatments. This wonderful aromatic scrub includes Angelica to soothe, Cinnamon and Clove to stimulate cell action and Pumpkin flake to fortify. Skin's response is to show off ageless beauty Golden Nourishment Organic . Smoother is simply perfect for preventative and supplement anti-aging.  Visible to deep lines will continue to flatten and soften, less make up creasing, healthier tone and a sleeker hydrated texture is revealed

Emerald Organic AHA .45oz. Serum is our wonderful easy to apply AHA Serum (alpha hydroxy) to help dissolve dead skin and debris for a smooth flawless texture while stimulating all the skin’s functions to actively improve. Anti-aging at its finest, with simplicity of continual support and activity. Emerald Organic AHA  Serum can be used by most skin types unless it’s open, broken or inflamed (we recommend for healing Purely Bare Smoother-used as a healing Organic Mask). Emerald Organic AHA Serum, in its roll-on Vial, can be used to target areas or smooth all over face and neck. It is very efficient and excellent to use between Cosmeceutical treatments to maintain ageless beauty after all healing is done.

Purely Bare Organic .45oz. Smoother works for the most hyper-sensitive allergy types. It is all about the anti-inflammatory benefits of Coconut. A scrub for this skin type seems impossible but the gentle properties of Coconut for its softness and anti-inflammation action and Chamomile for calming and healing mean all the difference between irritation and healing to beauty. Purely Bare Organic Smoother is perfect for skin that flares up easily and cannot tolerate most products. Perfect for skin challenges including:  dryness, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, lupus, adult acne, stinging, burning, redness, flakiness, and discomfort.

Clear Nourishment Organic .45oz. Smoother is formulated for the most *Aroma and *Fragrance Sensitive Skins. Freedom from Fragrance! Clear Nourishment Organic  is perfect for daily, weekly or when desired gentle exfoliation and cellular stimulation without the Irritation from synthetic and sharp materials that can irritate. You can also whip it into a mask texture that you can leave on for 2-5 minutes after scrubbing and warmly rinse off. It is a ph soothing mask as well for the most hyper sensitive skins.


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