Perfect Comfort Step 2 Pro Toner 4oz.
Perfect Comfort Step 2 Pro Toner 4oz.
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Perfect Comfort Step 2 Pro Toner 4oz.

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Toner of Hydrosol - the life force of the plant in its liquid form

Raw Skin Organic Hydrosol Toners are the unique difference between toning & the true healing & balancing purpose. Hydrosols are first indigenous medicine & prevalent in the 20th century in medical use and its resurgence is back in medical and wellness practices with more health conclusive data in the 21st century.

Hydrosols balance and act as a toner with no harsh ingredients (healthy for the skin ) and actively do more then just tone and purify to PH. Traditional toners still contain harsh drying alcohols (SD 10-40) striping the skin & cause further dehydration leading to stinging and burning or causing the skin to overproduce too much oil to make up for water loss.

Hydrosol toners help hydrate the skin and make it more receptive to what you are going to apply after. The hydration you receive can also help to calm irritated facial skin.

Perfect Comfort / Rose Geranium Rose Toner:

An Exceptional toner for dry sensitive skins.

This hydrosol aroma is romantic and soothing. It is softening and immediate hydrating effects. it makes a practical and suitable body splash and anti-anxiety spray,

It has anti-aging written all over it for dry and sensitive skin that are sensitive to cool environments and dry air and changes in weather. It makes the perfect deodorant for the very sensitive and a great room freshener, Plus the perfect spray for when we feel sensual. Lastly it has a history of  being used as an aphrodisiac, with embedded roots dating back thousands of years.

  • Use to mix any Raw Skin care Collection dry Mask or Smoother
  • Use to Refresh and Sanitize Skin between Facial Steps and even Waxing.
  • Perfect to spray to Sanitize Skin before starting when the client removers her mask

Perfect Comfort Toner Ingredients: (Pelargonium roseum) 

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