Perfect Comfort Step 3 Mango Enzyme Mask 2 oz.
Perfect Comfort Step 3 Mango Enzyme Mask 2 oz.
Perfect Comfort Step 3 Mango Enzyme Mask 2 oz.
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Perfect Comfort Step 3 Mango Enzyme Mask 2 oz.

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Perfect Comfort Organic Mango Enzyme Exfoliant,, this enzyme is our most gentle powdered enzyme. It perfectly relieves dry skin’s uncomfortable condition, while nourishing it back to normal by boosting hydration at the same time it lightly removed dead skin. The beauty of this enzyme is it can be used on chronic sensitive dry skin and on any skin that is not allergic to fruit and the skin is paper thin or over exfoliates.

Perfect Comfort Enzyme Mask is perfect to blend with one of our stronger enzyme masks to buffer it down or to boost hydration or to add the benefits of Vitamin C.

Mango Enzyme Mask's Custom Mixing Guide:

Mango / Banana: deep Hydration & vitamin C & citrus acids & sucrose cellular lifting, rich in magnesium
Mango/ Strawberry: gentle enzymes with deep calming hydration & Beta Acid with super trace minerals
Mango/ Pumpkin: deep Hydration & vitamin C & citrus acids & Pumpkin Enzymes, super omegas & mineral penetration


All of our Enzymes can be mixed for skin's specific needs and The Complete Enzyme  Guide document is on the Rituals and Information Collection Page 


 Perfect Comfort's mango Enzyme Mask's  benefits

  • Naturally Dried Mango rich in vitamins, carotenoids, polyphenols, antioxidants & mangiferins (natural phenols) to smooth & enrich skins texture
  • Organic Oat Flour vitamin rich, softening & soothing
  • Bentonite Clay (detoxifier, purifier, firming & toning & refining)
  • Organic dried Angelica Root Powder, calming & soothing, anti-inflammatory & cleansing
  • Organic Dried Lavender Flower richly purifies, soothes & rejuvenates

Perfect Comfort Mango Enzyme Mask Ingredients: Natural Mango Fruit Powder (Mangifera Indica), Natural Bentonite Clay, Organic. Aloe Vera leaf (Aloe Vera). Organic Lavandin Flower Powder (Lavandin x intermedia)



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