Purity Nourishment Step 1 Pro-Cleanser 4oz.
Purity Nourishment Step 1 Pro-Cleanser 4oz.
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Purity Nourishment Step 1 Pro-Cleanser 4oz.

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Purity Nourishment Collection is designed for skins suffering with Chronic Breakouts, Acne and Oily Skin that build debris fast and always feeling dirty. This Facial is for deep purification without irritation.

Purity Nourishment Facial treatment will purifying skin back to balance and aid in controlling oil production. Benefits include killing bacteria, flushing debris and purifies without striping or aggravating oily, acne prone, and adult acne skin types. For Adult and Pregnancy Acne or highly inflamed skin, refer to Purely Bare to bring the inflammation under control. Controlling inflammation is the first correction needed to heal acne.

Purity Nourishment Cleanser is non stripping and has no hydrating ingredients added like Organic Glycerin, that we have in Perfect Comfort, Purely Bare and Clear Nourishment Cleansers.

This cleanser purifies deeply and kills topical bacteria and viruses while flushing pores. The cleaner, the client can keep their skin, inflammation and pustule enlargement can be managed with the Purity Nourishment Facial every 10 days for the first 3 facials for maximum clearing and healing, its a great jump start of the purification process. 

In addition, It efficiently removes cover up makeup that fills pores and can often clog and enlarge them. We recommend using Lip and Lash Conditioner and Makeup Remover to soften the skins surface and loosed makeup and debris, then 2 cleansing with light steam, for beautiful results.

Properties and Benefits:

Calendula is the special ingredient along with all the great herbs that make the perfect cleansing soap. Calendula is first and foremost a well rounded and active bacteria and virus antiseptic. It's perfect for this collection. It checks infection, purifies and eliminates the surface and pore agitators and completely sanitizing the skin.

Highly recommended for infectious Acne from the young to mature. Once under control, Emerald Organic is the next step for those who are not experiencing open infection. 

Full Ingredients: Saponified Water, Org. Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Org. Sunflower Oil (Helianthus annuus), Org. Castor Oil (Ricinus communis), Organic Citric acid (Citric Acid), Organic Rosemary Extract (Rosmarinus) and Organic Calendula Hydrosol (Org.Hydrolate).

This cleanser has no detergent, toxins, preservatives, no hormone disrupting chemicals or synthetic ingredients or fragrance, and no color.

We formulate with simplicity for health and wellness.    

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