Relaxation Organic Body OIl
Relaxation Organic Body OIl
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Relaxation Organic Body OIl

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Relaxation improves that release from Fatigue and is a mental strengthener. For those over load times or for those that are feeling exhausted always. Relaxation Body Oil formulas take the system down to peace and deep flushing to energizer the internal electricity and begin the healing processes.

Energy is the result from a meditative approach and a gentle awakening.

Relaxation Organic Body Oil improves restless sleep, anxiety, irritated skin and muscle tension. Its makes the perfect conditioning and massage oil.

Recommended for the Bath by applying to the body and then Bathing. Relaxing, Soaping and Drying and then applying after for a very quiet night. Apply when ever needed.


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Ingredients: Sunflower Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Golden Organic Oils, Lavender, Bergamot, Yland Ylang, Geranium


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