Ayurveda Shirodara Ritual Collection
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Ayurveda Shirodara Ritual Collection

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Shirodhara (Shiro = head, Dhara = stream) technique deeply relaxes the nervous system, lowers metabolism, integrates brain function, and creates brain wave coherence and an alpha state. ShiroDhara is deeply stimulating, strengthening and calming to the entire nervous system, releasing endorphins, which create feelings of relaxation. The warm oil also nourishes hair and scalp.

Ayurveda's unique therapy induces extraordinary bliss. A controlled flow of warm induced oil is gently poured over the "Ajana" or Third Eye Chakra. The organic vegetable base oil then streams down the "Suhasrara" or Crown Chakra, which magnifies the senses, disperses negative electrical impulses that accumulate in the forehead from stress, reverses imbalances within the body, rejuvenates the mind and renews a new lease of life. ShiroDhara unique only to the traditional medicine system of India is one of the most unique therapies available for reducing stress and enhancing cellular intelligence and immunity.

We can teach you Shirodara and please look in our Rituals and Guide Pages for more information.

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