Golden Pumpkin Nail Treatment
Golden Pumpkin Nail Treatment
Golden Pumpkin Nail Treatment
Golden Pumpkin Nail Treatment
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Golden Pumpkin Nail Treatment

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Golden Pumpkin Anti-Aging Smoothing Nail Treatment is our most beautifully formulated Nail Collection. Most popular in the Fall, because of autumn's fresh harvest.

Golden Pumpkin Anti-Aging Smoothing Nail Treatment properties include the most effective smoothing enzymes of pumpkin and the organic essential oil formulation.

The New Formula includes:  to warm the skin, increase blood flow and activate cleansing and purification. Results: heal beautiful skin from summer dulling and dryness and rejuvenation from winter harsh conditions.

Spicy Pumpkin ingredient benefits and results: 

  • Golden Pumpkin Oil is consider by oil plant oil growers as the Golden Oil of nutrients. It contains a vast amount of vitamins and minerals and is a wonderful moisturizer.
  • Cajuput is an excellent purifying and anti-infection oil. Know for it's cleaning it aiding to open congestion and follicle pores. results are mind clarifying and better breathing.
  • Cinnamon has extraordinary properties of cellular stimulation,and they both has spicy aromas that improve digestion and appetite. T
  • Rosemary is wet and dry meaning its dry effect heals with anti-bacterial action and its wet effects stimulates moisture. but its strength is the aromatic purification and ability to work with all skins
  • Sweet Orange is the acidic and sweetening balancing of spicy notes, while it brightens and kills bacteria. Loaded with VC anti-aging attributes.
  • Blood Orange Hydrosol Hydrosol refreshes, cools and sanitizes

Spicy Pumpkin
Collection Includes:

  • Organic Exfoliant and Soak of Organic Sugar, Sea Salt, and Aromatherapy*
  • Organic Hydrosol for Melting Exfoliant Lemon Balm*
  • Organic Massage and Finishing Balm of Organic Coconut and Organic Palm Fruit Butters and Aromatherapy* 

Aromatherapy* Organic Ingredients: Cajeput (melaleuca cajeput)   Cinnamon Leaf Powder (Cinnamomum burmannii), Rosemary Tunisian Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis), Sweet Orange Oil: Citrus sinensis

* Hydrosol Companion: Blood Orange


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