Tea Tree Organic EO
Tea Tree Organic EO
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Tea Tree Organic EO

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Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)  is known for it's highly active properties of ant- bacterial, anti-viral and purification. It is most effective as an after skin-trauma and static treatment services to purify and cleanse like waxing. facial acne treatments and any time a skin disinfectant is called for.  

Tea Tree  is known for treatments for cold, sinusitis and migraines for opening air passage with a cleaning effect, cut and sores to disinfect and promote healing by cleansing and acne, blemish and purifying treatments.

The Aroma: is medicinal, strong, earthy, fresh, woody, and herbaceous. It can be mixed with a low note soothing essential oil like chamomile and also diluted with a center unscented oil. Tea Tree Blending needs to have caution and experience with a note of safety first, due to its high activity level. It can cause contact dermatitis (allergic rash) and is always recommended to test and even diluted for a first time client use. Its recommended to blend with unscented oil like Organic Jojoba for it's anti-inflammation and soothing properties..

Tea Tree  is perfect for spa treatments and even sanitizing by using it to disinfect specific areas of concern. Using tea tree oil for sore muscles has an analgesic effect similar to eucalyptus, but remember it potency and is used widely in manicures and pedicures when fungus and yeast infections can be found.

Physical Properties:  disinfecting, antiseptic, purifying and cleansing, de-congesting, inducing warmth, 

Mind Body Spirit properties -awaken the senses with energy and medicinal care.

We get our Essential Oils from the finest free trade and sustainable organic farms across the globe. Our Tea Tree oil  is grown and harvested in Australia where it is indigenous.  Its history goes back to the Adventurous Captain J. Cook, who called it paper bark trees, He  was responsible for brewing tea from the leaves after returning to the coast of New South Wales in 1770. The use of tea tree oil spread, It is used all the world over for its natural antimicrobial agent.

Essential Oil Blending for Face and Body 

For cleansing after waxing: Amrit Organic Signature + Sesame OIL/  tea tree straight or diluted

For headaches with muscle pain: Amrit Organic extra Virgin Olive+ Signature OIL / lavender, geranium tea tree.

For cold relief: Amrit Organic Signature Blend / chamomile, geranium, clary sage, tea tree

Find our Aromatherapy Bar Guides in the Ritual and Guides Links.  here you will find more ways to blend and treatments to offer.

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