Thai Exotic Lotus Collection
Thai Exotic Lotus Collection
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Thai Exotic Lotus Collection

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Thailand is known for Exotic Flowers, Coffee and spicy ground herbs of cardamon, cinnamon and naturelle. Thai coffee has the exotic aroma of cocoa and the Flowers are intoxicating with a feeling and movement of beauty of beauty.

Thai Treatments and oils soothe sensitivities, bring a renewed sense of well being and beautifies every skin and soul it touched. If ever you wanted to truly attract clients to body services this collection is a Client Catcher.

Thai Lotus & Ginger Treatment Oil is a Detox oil that can be use with Thai Lemon Oil for an amazing spicy-sweet awakening and clarifying energy boost. It leaves your skin extraordinarily silky sweet and the tone is youthful. Excellent for smokers and over sun exposed skin and anyone who needs a vitality boost.

Ingredients Organic Golden Virgin Sunflower Oil, Ginger Root Organic oil, Lemon Grass Organic oil

Thai Ginger Treatment Oil's aroma blends well with our Thai White Mud for the most beautifying and nutrient rich treatment.

Thai White Mud Therapy is know for it's beautifying effects throughout Indonesia and The Balinese Islands. Its simply the most beautifying clay. Being white is leaves no stains and can be blended with any aroma therapy oils. It traditionally is beautiful with any Thai Oil Blend especially the Thai Lemon Grass Oil'

Ingredient: Thai White Mud.



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