Vital Restorative Pro Serum
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Vital Restorative Pro Serum

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Vital Restorative Pro Serum is Purely Healing!  Cleansing and purification along with sedative calming, best serves skins that just need to get stronger balance and continual calming; Excellent for oil production & balancing confused skins

Vital Restorative Pro Serum is actively healing with the immediate arrest of anti-bacterial, purifying and cleansing effect and healing properties. It works gently with no burning or stinging to eliminate bacterial and viral infection, bringing down growing pimples and bumps. Always best to catch skin problem fast for minimal infection spread and healthier skin with happy control 

Vital Restorative Pro Serum is perfect for all skins when disruption begins and works well with Vital Resilience because of of its resistance building effects in strengthening skin against multiple challenges, especially skins with the diseases of Adult Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and chronic Hypersensitivity. Perfect Compliments work great.

Featured Ingredient… Lavender is the wonder plant of the aromatherapy world because of it is versatile in many topical applications including; inflammation, dermatitis, eczema, wounds and as an antiseptic. Lavendula intermedia ‘super’ is considered one of the best plants of the lavandins, maintaining most of the same properties of the mother plant, true lavender.

Powerful Companion Ingredients: Glycerin Organic from organic soy bean is an emollient (nontoxic, nonirritating and non-allergenic). , which makes the skin feel softer and smoother; reduce rough feeling, cracking and irritation. Glycerin is a soothing, humectant which draws moisture from the air to the skin.  Organic Lavender Organic Hydrosol (Hydrolates) is one of the more relaxing and balancing hydrosols. It is an excellent coolant for minor burns, rashes, and hot sores.


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