Body Massage Oils

Why do we call them center oil?

  • They are the first pressing of organic plant - vegetables and fruit
  • They have a tremendous amount of vitamins, minerals, essential antioxidants and properties that give us full nutrition without adding aromatherapy
  • They can be used alone for hypersensitivity and non aroma because of there pristine values.

They are not carrier oils with fractured value.

Amrit Organic offers certified organic unscented massage body oils that are from the first virgin cold pressing. They are never compromised with color or enhanced with color, fragrance, flavors or unnecessary aromas. They are known for the most perfect glide and skin absorbing nutrients, over any other massage oils available in North America. From Coast to Coast you will not find another organic plant oil that can compare to Amrit Organic Oils and Products.

They are pure joy to work with. Each organic oil fulfills and compliments modalities and services with the perfect nutrients needed for specific conditions.

Your clients will feel and see a difference.

Our Oils are never fractured or stale, contaminated or exposed with animal by products or other chemicals.  

Plus We have corporate pricing on the most popular plant oils and offer Facial Treatment Oils as well.

 Look for Aroma Bar Class in the  Ritual and Guide Page for each oils properties and purposes and Blending Possibilities.

Why be common when you can specialize in Wellness for everyone.