Sensitive Skin 3 PC. Organic Oil Collection
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Sensitive Skin 3 PC. Organic Oil Collection

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Sensitive Skin Organic Cold pressed Oils for Facial and Body massage. Sensitive skin has it Challenges. These chronic challenges include: inflammation, red bumps like a pimple, rashes and burning. These reactions come on quickly and leave slower and can be caused by any medication, the sun, food, disease, compromised immune system, neglect, allergies, pollution, cosmetic ingredients (Fragrance, Color and other toxins) and a change in environment. 

Spa Services for Sensitive Skin Clients must include products that can calm down reactions like our Raw Skin Care Clear Nourishment Facial Collection and in Body Massage and Facial Massage, you can choose any one of the 3 to blend with each other for a custom treatment with or without aromatherapy for sensitivity severity and design a custom massage oil for their active properties to meet the immediate needs of the client.

This Special includes:

Sunflower Organic Oil 4 oz.: higher in vitamin E then any other oil. It supplements skin nutrition and high in oleic acid (omega 9 high), antioxidants and high in linoleic acid (omega 6),  promoting anti-dryness and repair to sensitive skin tissue.

Safflower Organic Oil 8 oz.: high in oleic acid (omega 9), antioxidants and is a great moisturizer. It is also high in linoleic acid (omega 6), which is a great anti-inflammatory agent, to restore skin calmness and protection

Golden Virgin Jojoba Organic Oil 4 oz. is the closest oil to human sebum making it the most compatible oil to the skin's physiognomy. Its properties balance skin’s oil production, soften, smooth and reduces fine lines. Rich in vitamin E, C & B complex its nutritional values strengthen skins defenses

All skins can use the these wonderful properties and because they are light to mid weight organic oils and they are wonderful for Summer and Blending.  But, for dry and more resilient skin, look at our Dry Skin Organic Pro Unscented Oil Collection.

Blending is an art that makes your work the most perfect and effective. Look at our blending pages in the Rituals and Guides Collection.

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