Smoothling Pro Anti- Aging Serum
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Smoothling Pro Anti- Aging Serum

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Smoothling Anti-Aging Pro Serum is an essential part of complete therapy for every Facial and Home Skin Care regime. It is nature’s perfect anti-aging essential component to healthy wrinkle free beauty.

Smoothling Anti-Aging Pro Serum is Certified Organic Virgin Argan Oil. it is cold pressed and  unrefined, in its most pristine state with all its vital components, This serum is unique because it is complete in action and results it is nature’s utmost Anti-aging Secret Defense Element.

Our Smoothling Anti- Aging Oil is Certified (3 certifications: USDA, QAI & EU), it comes to us from Morocco, the only place in the world where this precious plant is indigenous to. Our Organic Argan Oil is Cold Pressed from the seeds, which are housed in the Argan tree-nut. This Seed’s Nut casing protects the seeds from drought and disease and is not in the same composition and category of nuts we eat or have allergies to.

 Smoothling Anti-Aging Pro Serum Organic Argan Oil is lightly yellowish with a mild aroma that dissipates almost immediately leaving the skin slick free, because it quickly penetrates.

  • It’s properties of Vitamin E, Omegas and Super Anti-oxidants immediately nourish & moisturize even the most stubborn oil to dry skins, including Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis & Chronic sensitivity
  • It’s perfect to layer under balms, lotions & sunscreens after Alpha Hydroxy, Laser, Microdermabrasion & CO2 Treatments
  • It’s the perfect serum to add to all Facial products including layering under masks and finishing moisture (especially Raw Skin Care Masks & Condition Moisture)

It’s the number one recommendation for Home Age-less Skin Care, to use all over and around the eyes.  

Full Ingredients: Organic Cold Press Unrefined Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa) from Morocco

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